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Homogénéisateur KINEMATICA 0,1 à 2000 ml

The POLYTRON® PT 2500 E extends our standard line «small» (Lab „small“, 0.05 ml - 2000 ml) by a powerful benchtop homogenizer with LED speed indication and replaces the POLYTRON® devices

PT 1600 E and PT 2100.When two become one: The new drive gains the performance from the proven PT 2100 and the quick coupling from the PT 1600 E extended with newest electronic regulation, LED display and housing for noise reduction.This new unit offers the user the same well known KINEMATICA high quality properties for a fast and successful sample preparation, a good way to enter the world of homogenizing with POLYTRON®, the number one in dispersing and mixing based on the Rotor/Stator technology.The dispersing system POLYTRON®

PT 2500 E convinces with the following features:
- 500 Watt motor power
- Integrated electronic speed regulation/stabilisation with control knob
- LED speed indicator
- Soft-start
- Rotor speed range from 500 up to 30’000 rpm
- Quick coupling for dispersing aggregates (Type E)
- Space saving “slim line” design
- Interchangeable dispersing aggregates in EC design from Ø 3mm to Ø 25mm
- CE label, compliant with RoHS, UL/CSA

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