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flexiPERM® is a reusable silicone insert to subdivide slides and cell culture dishes, e.g. lumox® dish 50 or other cell culture dish, into smaller cultivation units.

The highly adhesive flexiPERM® bottom adheres to all plain surfaces such as glass, foil and plastic material.

Die lumox® Zellkulturprodukte

lumox® Film-based cell culture system

The lumox® cell culture products stand out for their ultra-thin, gas-permeable film base. As a result of the special film base design, lumox® products show a very low autofluorescence and a high transparency for exceptionally good microscopy behaviour.

The range of applications of the lumox® products extends from tissue cultures to automated analysis of fluorescencebased cell assays for active substance testing.

NEW Cell and tissue culture

NEW Cell and tissue culture

Since 1990, Sarstedt has been offering high-quality cell culture products, which are produced in clean room conditions by trained personnel using protective clothing and automated production processes.
In accordance with our basic principle, that products which come into contact with cells must not have a disruptive influence on the cells, these products are produced under the strictest clean room conditions and are labelled with the "Come Grow With Us" quality logo. The cell culture products meet the following requirements.

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 11137 - "Sterilization of medical devices - Validation and routine control of sterilization by radiation"

Based on the LAL test as per the FDA guideline for medical devices, dedection limit < 0,06 EU7ml

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 10993 - "Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices - Part 5 Test on in-vitro cytotoxicyti"

miniPERM® ist ein


miniPERM® is an easy-to-handle bioreactor for the cultivation of cells in high densities and simultaneous production of cell products, e.g. monoclonal antibodies.

miniPERM® is ideal for the cultivation of a variety of cell types. Accordingly, both suspension cells and adherent cells can be cultivated in the miniPERM® in high densities.

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