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Datech Scientific Limited (DSL) is a British company established in 1989 specialising in sample preparation equipment and automation solutions for X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), as well as Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) including Induced Coupled Plasma (ICP) and spark analysis. We provide our customers with excellent customer service, product quality and exceptional technical knowledge and support, within the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cement, glass, and other mineral and powder industry sectors.

At DSL we recognise and understand your needs and it is imperative to us that we put customer service first. As well as a complete range of products, we also offer a technical knowledge and support service in order to assist you in operating and maintaining your equipment, giving you peace of mind throughout its lifetime. In support, we provide service contracts and breakdown call-out cover on our products whilst supplying the full range of spare parts and consumables.

Our close partnerships with Herzog Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co, Nucomat, and Firefly ensure we have what you need, whatever your sample preparation or service requirement.


Herzog - Sample Preparation Equipment

Herzog - Sample Preparation Equipment

We are the UK & Irish agent for world leading sample preparation equipment manufacturers Herzog Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. Our range of equipment includes:

Pelletising Presses for XRF, XRD analysis – both manual and automatic.
Pulverising Mills – both manual and automatic.
Crushing, splitting, weighing and dosing machines.
Cup wheel and belt grinders for the preparation of Iron and Steel samples.
Automatic Milling machines for Iron and Steel samples.
Milling machines for Aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.
Manual to Fully Automatic Fusion equipment for the production of glass beads – using gas or high frequency.
Automation and Laboratory Control Systems.
Robotised integrated laboratories.
Air tube transfer systems, with sending and receiving stations.
Consumables and spare parts for all equipment
Servicing contracts

Nucomat - Bespoke Laboratory Automation Systems

Nucomat - Bespoke Laboratory Automation Systems

Datech Scientific are the UK agent for NUCOMAT cv, Belgium, who have specialised in providing bespoke laboratory automation systems for the Analytical, Life Science and R&D industries since 1988.

Based on the ever increasing demands for better efficiency, improved health and safety and more consistent workflows in complex laboratories, new innovations are being applied. NUCOMAT have strategically focused on the development of customised solutions, and adapting the latest technology, thereby establishing solid references in Analytical, Life Science and R&D Laboratories.

Each module in a NUCOMAT system is specifically selected and evaluated based on customer’s needs and requirements. In addition, a combination of a detailed risk assessment and a performance capability calculation is provided to determine the best suitable solution, whilst highlighting the exact cost of ownership. After implementation and start-up of each project, a dedicated training and maintenance program is provided to allow you to achieve the best possible return on investment.

The backbone of each automation platform is RoBin software, an in-house developed tool (event driven, SQL server based). This software allows embedded microcontroller technology to control each step, and supervises every module, sensor and/or instruments in the system.

The strategic partnership with several international instrument suppliers, vendors, consultants and technology institutes leads to new innovations and allows NUCOMAT to create smart interfaces for the most advanced needs in automation. A continuous investment in gaining and anchoring this know-how provides NUCOMAT a privileged position in the lab automation market.

NUCOMAT’s bespoke concepts have provided customers with the most accurate systems for their own individual applications for over 25 years.

Development of the automation concept, based on specific requirements
Electromechanical design
Selection and implementation of Instruments
Software design & LIMS Integration
Project approval and acceptance
Training, validation & monitoring

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