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Associated Laboratory Services (UK) Ltd specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and storage units. In addition we supply a comprehensive range of laboratory seating as well as the full range of L.E.Vs.
Our reputation and success has been built on listening to your requirements, then offering and providing what you, the client wants. This approach has enabled us to build up a wide customer base including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Research & Development Establishments, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Industrial companies.
Our manufacturing facility is based in Braintree in Essex, situated within easy reach of major road, train and international airports, ensuring that we can manufacture, deliver and dispatch installation teams to site quickly. Our facility utilises the very latest in precision CNC equipment, supported by staff each with many years of experience.
We have our very own Fume Cupboard testing department that are able to carry out repairs and servicing on a wide variety of fume cupboards, from fixed ducted to mobile filtered types.

Triple Red is a supplier of laboratory products. We not only supply exclusively to the UK market but we are able to service and maintain many types of lab equipment, enabling our customers one point of contact.


Laboratory benching

Our Cleanline range offers one of the most robust styles of Metal Framed Laboratory Benching systems available.

The system consists of epoxy powder coated 50 x 25 metal support legs linked together with epoxy powder coated extruded alluminium rail sections. The legs can be either cantilever, “C Frame” or “A Frame” depending on the weight load rating required.

The selected work surface is then fixed directly on to the framework. This style of benching can incorporate either mobile or suspended cupboard units.

Labelling products

Brady Bench-top/Desk-top printers offer a full range of capabilities and options to provide high quality, cost-effective printing on a complete line of labelling materials. Brady also offers a complete line of portable printing systems that help you get the job done fast and efficiently. Perfect for lower volume printing applications.

Thermal Alarms

Monitor and protect your valuable samples with a thermal alarm system using either radio signals or GSM technology. These can be used for freezers, LN2 storage vessels, incubators, isolators, cold rooms and any other equipment which can utilize a non volt contact. Up to 126

GSM, Wireless Alarm, Monitoring and Data Logging Systems allow laboratory and hospital equipment such as Liquid Nitrogen, ULT Freezers, Fridges, Freezers and Incubators to be alarmed, monitored and data logged. The temperature transmitter range is -200°C to +100°C with an accuracy of 0.1°C. Over a thousand systems are currently in 24 hour service protecting valuable product in LN2 vessels and refrigerated storage throughout the UK.

Our systems ensure the safety and continued effectiveness of medicines, blood products and samples required to be held at specific refrigeration and freezer temperatures. Due to the high value of many of these goods, QA programs increasingly require that storage temperatures are to be verified several times per day and that records be maintained. Our Systems will meet the alarm, monitoring and logging requirements.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Liquid nitrogen is an essential tool in today's modern laboratory. We believe it's safe use demands the best equipment available and here at Triple Red we supply only the most prestigious equipment. In addition to traditional liquid Nitrogen Dewars Triple Red offer a comprehensive range of LN2 products and services including:
•An extensive range of liquid and vapour phase storage vessels
•Cryogenic inventory systems
•Portable vessels
•Large central systems including SuperVacuum pipe distribution
•Oxygen monitoring alarms
•Maintenance contracts
•Risk assessments
•Health and Safety advice

Meeting the highest standards of product safety and durability:
•CE Medical Devices Directive
•EM Compatibility
•IATA Regulations

Quick Blue Stain

15 min non-toxic safe 1-step stain. No organic solvents and No phosphoric acid

Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Liquid nitrogen is an essential tool in today's modern laboratory. We believe it's safe use demands the best equipment available and here at Triple Red we supply only the most prestigious equipment. In addition to traditional liquid Nitrogen Dewars Triple Red offer a comprehensive range of LN2 products and services including:
•An extensive range of liquid and vapour phase storage vessels
•Cryogenic inventory systems
•Portable vessels
•Large central systems including SuperVacuum pipe distribution
•Oxygen monitoring alarms
•Maintenance contracts
•Risk assessments
•Health and Safety advice

Meeting the highest standards of product safety and durability:
•CE Medical Devices Directive
•EM Compatibility
•IATA Regulations

Water Purification

RO is cost effective in removing major impurities to provide primary grade water suitable for feeding such equipment as glassware washers which typically need type 3 water. RO water provides a good supply for the ultrapure water purification equipment which will “polish” it further to produce type 1 water. RO water can also be used in a central ring main with many points of use around a building.

General laboratory grade water is of a higher quality than primary grade water is achieved using reverse osmosis and a further technoogy such as deionisation or electrical ion exchange. Typical aplications are reagent or buffer make up, feeding a clinical analyser, autoclave, environmental chamber and general applications.

Ultrapure water is essential for many applications in the laboratory today. Triple Red can provide a reliable source of ultrapure water from your drinking water supply and if you also need pure water you can take this from the tank.

Typical applications:
•General analysis
•Standard buffer
•Cell and tissue culture
•Pyrogen sensitive applications
•Micro-und molecularbiology
•TOC analysis

Central Ringmain design & installation

Our on-site, qualified design and projects team are able to offer a full design and installation service for your water distribution needs. With experience in supplying and installing systems in the UK, Triple Red will see the project through from the design stage to the completion of your new or refurbished laboratory or building.

Benefits of a single main pure water system
•Lower consumables costs
•Multiple points of use
•Pure water on demand
•Less laboratory space needed
•Only one plant to maintain

•Smooth bore Class E ABS or Stainless Steel pipe
•Hygienic diaphragm valves
•Short radius bends to improve fluid dynamics
•Fully re-circulating system to point of use
•Computer aided design
•Simple disinfection
•Turnkey project management

These systems are fed with reliable, Reverse Osmosis systems from Siemens which gives peace of mind that your end users are getting the right quality water.


Primary Grade
General Laboratory Grade
Ultra Pure
Ringmain Design & Installations
Water Purification Special Offers

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Triple Red offer comprehensive packages of annual consumables from pre-filter cartridges to UV lamps to ensure that you always have a supply of consumable items to support your water system.

We are pleased to be able to offer the convenience of next day delivery as standard on stocked consumable items for orders received before 3pm. For more critical applications, deliveries can be guaranteed from 9am the next day for a nominal charge.

Regular maintenance is important to the longevity of the high quality systems we supply. Routine replacement of pre-filter cartridges is usually carried out by the user. The simple clip in method makes changing cartridges easy. Our qualified engineers are able to demonstrate and offer training for your peace of mind.

Tissue Culture Plastics

The Orange Scientific range of TC plastic is made from crystal polystyrene for optimum clarity and toughness. It is sterilised by gamma radiation and is certified both to be DNA and RNA free. The range of flasks also have a guaranteed endotoxin level of less than 0.5eu/ml

•25,75 and 150cm2 growth area with optional filter caps
•Push on caps
•Large square opening
•Easy open packaging

Multi Well Plates
•Labelled in every well
•Ringed lids6,12,24 and 96 wells plates
•One way lid

15 & 50ml tubesCentrifuged to 9,400g
•Withstand extreme temperatures
•Graduated to base
•Conical or skirted

Cell Scrapers
•Flexible to collect cells without damage
•2 sizes
•Entire flask can be reached

Media Pourers

The Power of Innovation. For automated pouring and stacking of culture media in Petri dishes.
•5.7" touch-screen – easy and intuitive operation
•One touch dish selection – integrated database for pre-programmed Petri dish sizes
•Unattended, fully automatic process – filling and stacking without user intervention
•Smooth and silent operation – maximal reduced noise emission
•Even aluminum surfaces – easy to clean, no holes or gaps where media can flow into
•Two stacker-carousel heights available – for 220 and 440 Petri dishes (at 16.5 mm dish height)
•EasyStack – stacker-carousel can be fully removed from Mediafill
•Integrated peristaltic pump (main pump) – for precise filling of media
•Integrated peristaltic pump (additives pump) – for precise adding of additives (optional)
•Full control of both, the main and the optional additives pump through the
•Mediafill touch-screen
•Drop-Stop function – prevents spills at the filling nozzle
•Shaker function – optimal distribution of media into Petri dishes
•UV-Lamp with 2.3 W UVC light emission – reduces the risk of contamination
•Manual filling function – either by foot-switch or timed delay
•Peltier Cooling – for re-cooling of Petri dishes (optional)
•Printer function – printing direct on Petri dishes (optional)

Media Preparators

The Systec Media Preparators product range allows the rapid and gentle sterilisation of culture medium. Precise controlling and monitoring of temperature, time and pressure during the sterilisation process guarantees constant high quality. Add your ingredients and let the system do the rest. Have confidence in your process:

•Prepare - special hopper for adding heat sensitive ingredients separately


•Dispense any volume of liquid with foot switch, no manual handling

Laboratory Storage units

The standard range of under bench storage units are produced from 18mm Melamine faced MDF with matching edge lipping. The front edge of the carcass is lipped with 2.0mm PVC.

Door and drawer fronts are constructed from 18mm Melamine faced lipping and hung on nickel plated, 170 degree opening, fully adjustable and concealed hinges complete with integral catch. Door and draw fronts are fitted with PVC D type handles. Drawer boxes are manufactured with coated steel sides incorporating steel track with nylon rollers and integral restrainer. Backs and bases are manufactured from MDF. As well as these standard units we are also able to produce to bespoke specifications. All of our mobile underbench storage units are fitted with lockable castors, 2 of which are lockable. Drawers and doors can be fitted with locks as an additional security feature.

Hazardous Materials Storage units

Storage of hazardous substances is strictly controlled by CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002). This means you must store hazardous substances such as acids, chemicals and solvents in dedicated safety cabinets which meet the CoSHH standards.
All hazardous material safety cabinets supplied conform to the CoSHH safety regulations and are 30 minutes fire-rated. Each of the ranges of hazardous substances storage cabinets are in industry-defined colours with appropriate finishes, making them instantly recognisable. Warning labels are included as standard.
Acid storage cabinets
CoSHH chemical cabinets
Poisons storage cabinets
Flammable liquids and solvent storage cabinets and bins

laboratory seating

The heavy-duty lab seating includes ergonomic seats, adjustable lumber supports and pneumatic height adjustment. When you invest in a lab chair, it’s important it can be easily cleaned to maintain the strict levels of hygiene needed in a laboratory.

Coverings include washable vinyls in a range of colours. If you choose a medical lab chair, an antimicrobial option is available.

Biological Safety Cabinets

NuAire manufacture the highest quality of Class 2 safety cabinets for the most demanding applications. All biocabinets provide the safest, quietest and most reliable biosafety cabinet on the market today. You can be sure it will still be fit for purpose 15-20 years after it is purchased. All safety cabinets are manufactured from stainless steel and have passed the BSEN12469:2000 standard at TUV in Germany.

The unique HEPEX air flow system combines with the highest quality of build to make it the safest and most comfortable Class 11 type A2 cabinet available. All the NuAire range of safety cabinets provide true laminar airflow providing maximum protection for the operator and cell lines. There is also the option for a 3 HEPA filter biosafety cabinet for cytotoxic drug production

The energy saving DC motor also makes the cabinet environmentally friendly whilst keeping the noise level to below 54dba on the 1.2 metre models.

Triple Red provide a full installation package with its team of national service engineers who can commission the safety cabinets and provide ongoing service support for years to come.

CO2 Incubators

Every NuAire CO2 incubator has a unique HEPA filtration system included within it. This keeps contamination to an absolute minimum and makes the incubator a clean room for your cells. The qulaity of the air in the incubator chamber is the same as in your safety cabinet (Class 100 air). Worried about how many times the door is opened? With CO2 Recovery in < 3 mins there is no sater incubator on the market. Watch our video
•Superior build quality
•CO2 Recovery in < 3 mins
•188L Capacity
•Stainless steel
•HEPA filtration - Class 100 Air
• Air Jacketed
• 4 Removable Stainless Steel Shelves plus easily removable tray to contain spills
•12 months parts and labour warranty
•Stackable – Stacking Kit supplied as standard

Triple Red is the exclusive UK distributor of NuAire safety cabinets, the largest manufacturer of biocabinets in the world.

ULT Freezers

Triple Red offer a comprehensive range of ULT’s, from 105 litres to 691 litres in capacity.

Chest freezers, -40°C, -20°C, and +4°C fridges and spark proof options are also available.
•4 inner doors
•Air cooled cascade refrigeration system
•CFC free refrigeration and insulation
•Eye level controls
•Audible alarms
•Battery back-up
•Swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability

The large upright freezers supplied by NuAire are manufactured to the very highest standard, using the tried and tested cascade technology, you can be sure of many years of reliable service from these units. The very latest environmentally friendly CFC free refrigerant gases and insulation materials are used.

-40°C, -20°C and plus 4°C fridges utilise an advanced single compressor system which makes these units more energy efficient and quieter in operation.


Awel centrifuges deliver outstanding performance and reliability in the lab. From microcentrifuges and benchtop instruments, to advanced floor models and innovative carbon fiber rotors - all offer exceptional quality for consistent results. Their design, targeted towards ergonomics is a reference in safety and convenience. The technical innovations optimize productivity in your laboratory work.

Achieve unmatched productivity, versatility, performance and ease-of-use with our innovative centrifuges, rotors and accessories. Meet application needs ranging from clinical and blood banking; microbiology; tissue culture; molecular biology and genomics; drug discovery; and proteomics.
•Rotor exchange without tool
•Compact design
•Large choice f accessories
•Ease of use
•End of run indication


Our goal is to make the steam sterilisation process in your laboratory safe, accurate, reproducible and validatable.

We can support you with initial advice, system design, service requirements, feed water purification equipment, accessories, installation, validation support and maintenance. We aim to save you time, effort and money so you can concentrate on what's going on in your lab.

Triple Red can satisfy virtually all of your laboratory sterile processing needs.

Our comprehensive range of vertical and horizontal chamber Systec autoclaves offer unmatched quality and performance. The unique modular design makes it possible to provide the optimal configuration for each laboratory sterilising application.

Green machines–many features such as insulated pressure vessels and steam generators reduce energy consumption and heat loading into the room, make the space more comfortable for users and reduce the load on building ventilation systems.

All the autoclaves are backed up with a complete installation package from Triple Red’s own engineering team who also offer full UKAS accreditation which allows validation of your processes. The Systec range brings a new level of sterilisation and build quality to the UK autoclave market which to date, has not been seen before.

Press releases

  • Triple Red announces portable label makers with bluetooth.

    New Brady BMP™51 and BMP™53 portable label makers feature built-in Bluetooth® technology for wireless printing.

    Bluetooth® technology enables the creation, editing and printing of labels using your Android Smartphone

    The labels can now be designed on an Android Smartphone, using a Brady Mobile Application, and printed wirelessly.

    The BMP™51 and BMP™53 Label Makers are designed for efficient and instant label printing. Both come with a built-in Brady Network Card with Bluetooth® technology and an optional Wi-Fi card to provide wireless printing options. The only difference between the two is that the BMP™51 Label Maker is the stand alone version that features an LCD screen and a QWERTY keyboard to allow for a more traditional way of designing labels.

    “The BMP 51 and 53 are the first printers that are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to our newly launched free Brady Mobile Application for Android. Brady Mobile allows field workers to print labels ‘on the go’ from their Android Smartphone, without the need to carry a laptop or any other device,” explains Gino Van der Ven, Regional Product Manager for Brady Corporation. Brady Mobile was specifically designed for easy creation of label templates. It includes a bar coding feature and a wide variety of symbols and pictograms.

    Another new feature is the easy-to-load cartridge which contains both the label material and ribbon so that they can run out at the same time. Both models also offer a smart cell technology that allows the printer to automatically select the format of the label that corresponds to the chosen material. In addition to the cartridge design, both label makers also offer a durable built-in cutter, high speed print and USB PC connectivity for advanced label design with Brady’s LabelMark™ Labelling Software. There are a number of power supply options to suit any preference. Use either label maker with AA batteries, AC power supply, or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

    About the company:
    Triple Red supplies, maintains and services laboratory equipment exclusively in the UK market.

    For further information:
    Ruth Parkinson, Marketing Manager, Triple Red.
    01844 201142

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