Why visit LOGISTIK Sweden/Denmark 2013?

Fuelled by globalisation, the overall transport and logistics market continues to grow. LOGISTIK will help you navigate through this jungle to find the solutions that are right for your purposes!

Today, products that are "Made in Sweden" regularly find their way to the far ends of the world, thanks to ready and available -- and well-networked -- transport and logistics services. However, the same global demand forces producers to continually control their costs, sell their goods at constant prices (or, in some sectors, continually lower!), and to meet shorter and shorter delivery times. This despite increasing logistical complexity and rising raw material/energy costs!

Manufacturers must therefore continually review their distribution and logistics processes (and suppliers thereof) in order to ensure that no resources are wasted in this critical part of their supply chain! 

LOGISTIK focuses on innovative solutions that increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of shipping, internal transport and logistics, to help you meet the challenges of playing in the global market. And even your visit will be cost & time effective! easyFairs trade shows are:

  • Concentrated and focused: you'll find new ideas and concepts, learn about industry trends, plus much more - all gathered under one roof
  • Comprehensive: lots of exhibitors showing their latest products
  • Instructive: we offer free custom-designed keynote seminars, and an extensive program of learnShops / mini-workshops to develop your skills
  • Free of charge: entrance and all activities at the fair are for free
  • Compact: it's easy to navigate the hall area - saving you valuable time!
  • Efficient: Meet the experts face-to-face in a professional atmosphere

At LOGISTIK Sweden/Denmark 2013 you'll meet providers of the following kinds of services:

  • Road, rail, air & maritime shipping and freight
  • Distribution/warehousing
  • 3rd & 4th party logistics
  • Hazardous goods
  • RFID
  • Internal transport
  • Material handling
  • Transport packaging   
  • Supply chain management
  • Business systems
  • Software, IT, mobile communication
  • Customs processing   
  • Security & surveillance
  • Consulting, training   
  • Education/outsourcing

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