Why visit AUTOMATION Sweden/Denmark 2013?

Automation is prevalent in all our manufacturing and industrial processes -- it's impossible to consider a world without it!

But which techniques are most applicable to your business? Which can save you production costs, improve accuracy, and increase safety? How can you ensure that your existing automation systems continue to function at highest possible productivity? Where do you turn if you need to reconfigure or expand existing systems?

AUTOMATION Sweden/Denmark 2013 will help you find expert suppliers for all your automation needs, as it focuses on the latest automation solutions and services, encompassing:

  • Drive technologies - drive units, electrical accessories, electrical drives, fluids technology, gears, hydraulics, pneumatics, transmission
  • Engineering - measurement & testing, services, softwareIndustrial electronics - connections, integrated systems, power supply, structural components, wiring
  • Industrial Handling - accessories and tools, conveyors, grapples, linear drives, linked systems, robotics engineering
  • Peripheral equipment - displays, keyboards, signalling techniques, switches
  • Process control technology - control systems, controls, industrial communication, industrial PCs
  • Sensors - pattern recognition, sensors, vision systems

Where else can you get such a comprehensive and straightforward overview of what's new on the market?

easyFairs trade shows are:

  • Concentrated and focused: you'll find new ideas and concepts, learn about industry trends, plus much more - all gathered under one roof
  • Comprehensive: lots of exhibitors showing their latest products
  • Instructive: we offer free custom-designed keynote seminars, and an extensive program of learnShops/mini-workshops to develop your skills
  • Free of charge: entrance and all activities at the fair are for free
  • Compact: it's easy to navigate the hall area - saving you valuable time!
  • Efficient: Meet the experts face-to-face in a professional atmosphere

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