Why visit?

easyFairs considered your professional needs and your very limited time when designing this show.

  • Innovative and complete:
    Focusing on all possible solutions for energy performance and indoor climate, heating and hot water systems, ventilation, air conditioning and air handling systems, cooling technology, new and renewable energy sources, pumps, pipes, fittings and taps, measurement and control techniques. The show enables the visitors to experience the innovations themselves.
  • Compact and easily accessible:
    All specifications within the sector are comprehensively displayed under one roof. The visitor has the opportunity to discover all innovations within a couple of hours. The venue is easily accessible, and the opening hours are adapted to our main target group.
  • Knowledge centre:
  • A national platform for ideas, visions and their implementation with interesting learnShops given by people who are active in the sector.
  • Networking in a informal setting:
    Professional fairs are the ideal occasion for visitors to maintain relationships with existing business partners and build new ones.

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