The seminar program -that is organised in cooperation with leading professional associations and interest groups- highlights the developments in the HVAC industry such as technical aspects, norms, contributions and grants. The program zooms in on the Energy Regulations. This is linked with a closer look at the condensing boilers and plants with improved energy performance. Also the new developments in heat pumps are explained in detail.

Thursday 23/09/2010 - FREE learnShops

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ICS is the Belgian Union of Installers of Central Heating, Plumbing, HVAC and Related Professions in an independent professional association. It is the intermediary to solve economical and social problems and is active in the region of the contractor and its activities.

11h - 11h45
Indispensable tool for filling in fuel and cleaning certificates.
After Flanders and Wallonia, also the Brussels Capital Region published its maintenance decree (Moniteur Belge, 9 July 2010). This means that from now on in Belgium for any maintenance on a gas or oil boiler a certificate should be completed by the maintenance technician. Therefore, ICS will suggest on HVAC 2010 a handy electronic device that saves valuable time and reduces potential mistakes to a minimum.
by J.-J. Kleinen, ICS (DU/FR)

11h45 - 12h15
Finally everything you wanted to know about the Energy Regulations. Importance of the Energy regulations for the HVAC industry.
by J. Schietecat, WTCB (DU)

12h15u - 13h
Pause (exhibition visit)

13h - 13h45
Take care of the prejudices, standards and regulations around condensing boilers.
by J. Schietecat, WTCB (DU)

14h15u - 14h45u
Finally everything you wanted to know about the Energy Regulations. Importance of the Energy Regulations for the HVAC industry.
by Ch. Delmotte, CSTC (FR) 

15u - 15.45u
Take care of the prejudices, standards and regulations around condensing boilers.
by Ch. Delmotte, CSTC (FR)

16u - 17u
Network Drink / Cocktail
by ICS

Friday 24/09/2010 - FREE learnShops

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) has recommended in 2008 new temperatures and hygrometric guidelines for data centers, IT rooms, server rooms and so on. The new values found in the latest publication of ASHRAE are much wider and lower than in the past. These values also allow the use of direct free cooling to about 19° C outdoor temperature. The use of direct free cooling can be used for both small and large installations. This also means a huge saving of consumption for the owner. Concrete values will be shown during the presentation through examples.

17h30 - 18h
FREE cooling
by Y. Dozin, Carrier (DU/FR)

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Several players in the sector, both companies as knowledge centres and other involved parties have been grouped in the Heat Platform (WPP) to stimulate the market for heat pumps. The Heat Platform (WPP) is part of ODE-Vlaanderen, the umbrella organization for the sustainable energy sector, recognized and supported by the Flemish government.

As an independent and customer-oriented research organisation, VITO provides innovative technological solutions and scientifically based advice and support to stimulate sustainable development and to strengthen the economic and social fabric of Flanders.

BOUWUNIE, the Flemish federation of the SMEs of the construction, defends the interests of its members (the employers and the independent workers in the field of construction). They provide specialist advice, lobbies, imposes its own accents, proclaims its own views and offers a platform where colleagues can meet.

Heat pumps have a great potential of renewable energy for heating buildings in both residential and commercial buildings. They are an important alternative to fossil energy sources. A proper heat pump system design, aligned to the actual requirements of the building is important where the arrangement is to be executed as simple as possible.

18h15 - 18h45
The secrets revealed: heat pumps, from source to release.

19h - 19h30
Heat pumps in Energy Regulation.
by WPP/WP-Direct (DU)

19h45 - 20h15
Arguments to convince your clients to invest in heat pumps.
by D. Van De Wynckel, Bouwunie (DU) 

Thursday 23/09/2010 & Friday 24/09/2010 – PRACTICAL learnShops

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Ventibel is the Belgian trade union for ventilation and thus the central information point within the industry for all concerned parties such as: governments, press, producers, interest groups, specifiers, installers, users and others.


TB105 (art. C14: Air ducts)
How to meet to the new requirements? Practical tips
A practical workshop on air-tight assembly and especially how to meet to the new requirements of TB105 art. C14 concerning air ducts. Ventibel members give explanations and practical demonstrations.
by H. Daem, Ventibel (DU/FR)

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