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miscea CLASSIC®

miscea CLASSIC®

Introducing the miscea CLASSIC® System.
Released in 2011, the highly anticipated miscea CLASSIC®
combines the functionalities of a water faucet and two
dispensers into one unique and innovative product;
creating a new experience in hand sanitation by dispensing
water together with a combination of soap, disinfectant and
hand lotion.

The miscea CLASSIC® can be programmed with a remote
control, allowing for easy adjustments of various user settings,
such as the amount of soap or disinfectant dispensed or the
preferred starting water temperature.

Application areas
The miscea CLASSIC® has been designed for application
wherever the highest standards of hygiene are required, such
as in the healthcare and medical sector, food industry and
other hygiene-sensitive sectors.

The design of miscea products reach far beyond the
harmonious fusion of the latest technology, beauty and
innovation. They are viable and effective solutions for
professionals but can also be beautiful and important fixtures
within the home.

International awards
The miscea CLASSIC® is the proud winner of many prestigious
international design awards, including the iF Product Design
Award and the Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best“ 2009.


Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Mitsubishi Electric's high-speed hand dryer "Jet Towel" dries hands completely in a matter of seconds using "jet blasts" of air on each side of the hand. Ever since Mitsubishi Electric developed the world's first forced-air hand dryer in 1993, it continues gaining popularity worldwide at hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other facilities. The energy-efficient, low-noise high-speed hand dryer brings a new level of convenience and satisfaction to customers while saving on operational costs.

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  • New release: The miscea CLASSIC®

    New release: The miscea CLASSIC®

    Compared to the previous model, installation, maintenance and serviceability of the system have been greatly enhanced. The new miscea CLASSIC® has many exciting new features, such as the handy miscea remote control that allows you to effortlessly configure a number of settings of your miscea to your own personal preferences. This means, adjusting the amount of soap, disinfectant or the starting water temperature of your miscea CLASSIC® has never been faster or easier!


  • Persbericht-miscea-hero-25012012.pdf

    For safety and hygiene, Hero B.V. chooses miscea CLASSIC®

    Hero B.V. focuses on production of fruit related products such as jams, fruit drinks and fruit juices. Good hand hygiene is therefore essential in the production of products supplied by Hero B.V. Which is why they have chosen to use the miscea CLASSIC®. Read on to discover how the miscea CLASSIC® system can assist Hero B.V. in achieving optimal hand hygiene.



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