Austria’s “go-to” place for solutions to optimise production

If your company provides solutions that streamline manufacturing processes and maintenance, FERTIGUNG & INSTANDHALTUNG is the ideal springboard into the Austrian market. The show offers trade visitors a comprehensive overview of the latest products, services and technologies for increasing the efficiency and smooth operation of today’s 24/7 production facilities and systems – and therefore draws representatives from the country’s most important industrial enterprises.

New in 2012: Focus area on solids handling technologies

The next edition of FERTIGUNG & INSTANDHALTUNG places emphasis on the important topic of solids handling technologies, which play an especially critical role in the production processes of manufacturing enterprises.

Meet your target audience – without wastage!

easyFairs trade shows are for people who simply want to do business! This is why we market our shows exclusively to interested industrial buyers through highly-targeted visitor promotion campaigns in close cooperation with prominent trade journals, research institutions and user organisations. The result is like an intensive two-day sales trip, but in reverse: The potential customers come to you! Exhibitors and visitors alike enjoy a time & cost-effective trade show experience.

Ideal venue for meeting prospects with concrete investment needs

Wels is Austria’s newest meeting place for productive industries! Its strategic location nestled in a triangle of international roadways and equidistant from the Danube ports at Linz and Enns – with their huge quantities of bulk goods to be handled, stored and processed – makes Wels a natural logistics hub for shipments to and within Austria. Many renowned international companies are settled in the region.

Time & cost-effective

easyFairs trade shows are time & cost-effective: Exhibitors at FERTIGUNG & INSTANDHALTUNG 2012 pay a low, all-in price for their stand. Everything is ready and waiting for them when they arrive: All they have to do is arrange their marketing materials and prepare for two intensive days of making sales contacts and doing business with Austria’s most interesting industrial enterprises! 

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