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HMI/SCADA Software - WideQuick

Our HMI/SCADA system Wide Quick® is a unique software for easily creating advanced graphical monitoring and control systems. Compared to traditional systems, the integrator’s time for development and commissioning of the system is significantly shortened. The end customer receives a user friendly system and can cost-effectively monitor and optimize their production.

Wide Quick® is very flexible and can be used in anything from a small HMI system with Panel PC to a fully scalable SCADA system. By using the industry standard OPC, Wide Quick® is also able to communicate with almost any I/O and control systems on the market.

Wide Quick® is successfully used in the following industries: Process industry, food industry, manufacturing industry, building automation, machine control and infrastructure such as airports and ports. Wide Quick® is also used as a superordinate system in various security applications.

Video Management Software - Ethiris

Ethiris® is our video management software. It is an open, component-based platform where different modules can be combined to create an optimal system. The component-based structure means that the system easily can be installed on multiple geographically dispersed facilities. Each client can connect to a desired number of servers and thus, it is possible to access all parts of the system from a central location.
The system supports a wide variety of camera brands and contains a large number of functions to easily achieve an effective and powerful video surveillance. Ethiris® supports ONVIF and thus, all cameras that follow the ONVIF specifications are compatible with Ethiris®. In the near future, ONVIF specification will also include other types of systems, e.g. access control systems.
Through a flexible licensing structure Ethiris® can be used from small systems to large sophisticated systems with extremely high functionality. A major benefit for all parties is that you can buy camera licenses individually, meaning you can buy exactly the number of licenses you need. It is also possible to expand a system later on by adding the required number of camera licenses.

Industrial Computers - Oe

Oe is our series of industrial computers built to manage demanding industrial applications. With a minimum of moving parts, all-metal chassis and specially selected components regarding availability and wear, the computers also can manage rough handling and have a long life.
To meet the different needs and requirements of our customers, we have developed several different models and screen sizes tailored for various applications in both Panel PC and Box PC versions. Panel PC models consist of a fully integrated industrial computer, industrial TFT display with high brightness and a robust touch function. All models are PC-based, making it possible to use several operating systems and software for control and regulation of connected devices.

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