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Do you like to take charge?
PAAM Systems help you to keep any eye on everything—keys, tools and medicines—all the stuff you don’t want lost or stolen. Our proactive access control systems keep you in command of the situation and secure your peace of mind.




As much an art as a science, our business has been built on
providing secure access to key assets—rather than simply locking people out. PAAM Systems can turn the burden of key management into a genuine joy. Let us show you how.
Need of control? Quick access, automatic track ability and safe storage? EAGLE offers a good overview of the use of your keys. In addition, you know who has a specific key bunch in a specific moment. Or who had it. You can be assured that you get the situation under control. It’s a great feeling.



It is so much functionality in the system AXSOR, that we can not write about everything here. You can be sure that we have what you want. You will manage electronically monitored key bunches in EAGLE and you can also manage your non-electronic monitored key bunches. And you have your access control in the same system. All historical data are monitored in a combined database. Everything is handled in the same system. It is as it should be.

You can also grow with the system. Connect more assemblies when time comes. Add on users as you wish. There are no restrictions.

Manual handing out of key bunches to external parties . And you will have everything in the same system. Do you need reporting via SMS or e-mail? To someone in charge or maybe the person who borrowed a bunch? Then it is just fine. Of course it is possible.

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