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Areff Systems AB

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Areff provides custom made RFID products and solutions that give customers an advantageous market position and good profitability. We simply want to be the best to make our customers the best.

To do this we offer a wide range of products such as cards, bus cards, plastic card printers, key tags, photo ID, loyalty cards, readers, mailings, contact chip, club cards, RFID tags, event cards, access control ... simply put, the things you need to handle identification.

All these products and solutions are adapted visually and functionally to suit your needs.


"The Sail"

\"The Sail\"

An elegant icon that gets the attention. The sleek, streamlined key fob "The Sail" conveys a sense of typical Scandinavian design. It is produced by Areff to break against the more traditional design of key fobs available in the market. With a your printed or engraved logo, it will give your company a great profile.

"The Tearshape"

\"The Tearshape\"

A "jack of all trades" that always works. "The Tearshape" is our standard key fob and it fits in any environment. It comes in six different colors and its design makes it suited very well for different types of printings and engravings. We can adjust this key fob for your specific needs.

\"The Epoxy\"

A timeless classic for identification. The classic black key fob "The Epoxy" has long been on the market. It's thin, but the actual design and material makes it really tough. The design makes it flexible in the opportunities for branding of your business. A classic key fob, which continues to be popular.



We have all types of plastic cards; magnetic strip, with RFID technology, with a contact chip and with different types of graphics. We combine and customize the card for your needs.


For us, it's personal how you want to carry your card.

We have a wide selection of yoyo's, card holders and mounts. Here you will find a selection of our products. Download our product catalog you will find additional variations. We help to find the one that suits you best.

Is there a specific product that you are missing so do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!



Areff Systems AB är en ackrediterad kortleverantör av ID06 kort och vi ser fram emot att bli din leverantör av ID06 kort.

RFID readers

RFID readers for new and existing systems.

We offer a wide variety of RFID readers to existing systems and for the development of new systems.

For all our readers support for implementation and use is included. We think it is important that the user can feel confident in getting the help needed to get started with the application.

RFID key fobs

RFID key fobs

Our key fobs can be used in all types of RFID systems or access control systems. The fobs can also be configured to work in several types of systems. All key fobs can with benfit be printed or laser engraved with your logo.

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