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M2M, machine to machine, also called IoT, the Internet of things, is the communication between machines, normally a device and a back-end central control system. At Tele2 we focus on what we do best; deliver connectivity and enable efficient management of the connectivity needed within M2M/IoT. Our best-of-breed partners contribute with their area of excellence. Together, we enable our customers to focus on what they know best – their own businesses. Our high quality M2M offering, combined with the strengths of our selected partners, truly reduce the complexity of both large- and small-scale M2M deployments.


Simple and transparent M2M/IoT connectivity control

Simple and transparent M2M/IoT connectivity control

The Tele2 M2M Control Center (TMCC), powered by Jasper, is a dedicated enterprise M2M self-service portal. It gives our customers visibility, flexibility and control over all their connections.

Enterprise portal
TMCC shows, among other things, data usage, costs and invoices, checks provisioning status of SIM cards and connection session history.

Real time diagnostics
TMCC provides instant visibility of the communication performance of a device and immediate guidance on how to resolve communication problems. The user can then dig further to explore specific areas of the communication chain – from validation of SIM status, to verification of SS7 transactions and session details.

Rules driven automation
TMCC offers capabilities to monitor SIM behavior and to decide what condition will trigger a custom rule such as when data usage reaches a pre-defined limit.

TMCC also offers dedicated APIs that expose all the platform capabilities into your business system of choice.

Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

Tele2 offers global connectivity based on three key components

Global access to mobile networks

Tele2 has agreements with almost every mobile operator in the world, allowing our Tele2 SIM cards to engage from practically everywhere where there is a mobile network. Tele2 offers data connectivity, SMS and voice services.

Industry grade SIM cards designed to integrate with the manufacturing supply chain

Our SIM Cards are designed for M2M solutions. This means that they can sustain heat, cold, rust and moist and can be delivered in various form factors. We also offer bulk packaging and custom branding of our SIM cards to simplify integration with the manufacturing supply chain.

Secure enterprise access services

Tele2 offers a number of access technologies to integrate device connectivity with enterprise IT. Depending on security and availability requirements, this can range from virtual private networks to dedicated redundant physical ports where device activity is authenticated and authorized both by the network and by the enterprise.

Committed support

Committed support

Our dedicated support organisation offers services that enable our customers and partners to deploy and operate their services in a simple and fast way. We can offer 24/7 support, designated service managers and tailored solutions to fit all our customers’ and partners' specific needs and requirements.

M2M/IoT Trial-kit

M2M/IoT Trial-kit

Order our trial kit and start exploring the endless possibilities of M2M.

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