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Pärmen.se is a cloud services for building and property industry document. Starting from a web service should not have to be more complicated than a conventional binder, we have created one of the most used solutions for managing construction projects, construction procurement and management.

Pärmen.se was born in 2006 and has since been a strong growth. Today we deliver Pärmen.se to over 40 000 users from more than 6000 companies that together handle 30 000 files.

As a service we measured all the time on our last delivery. We must stand on your toes and be alert for tomorrow to deliver an even better solution. A solution that consists of a user-friendly and competent system and partly by the support and guidance from our talented employees who possess deep industry expertise.


Construction Projects

Simple project management
With iBinder Construction you get a tool that makes all project management simple and safe. It is all based on the same simple and well-tried logic as the classic construction binder. Everyone understands and can use the system immediately, without any previous knowledge of IT or computer programs.


iBinder Purchasing

Simpler purchasing system
iBinder Purchasing means that you can request quotes and tenders from more people, get more reliable answers and therefore a better purchase. The system is built on the binder’s easily understandable tab structure in combination with the digital world’s advantages of distributing and updating.


iBinder Property Management

Simpler property management
iBinder Management makes property management and other administration simpler, more effortless and safer. The system gives all the involved parties access to all necessary information in one place. Instead of hundreds, sometimes thousands of binders of instructions, contracts, addresses, drawings etc, everything is stored on the web. And everyone can find the information just as easily as in a binder.


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