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Brunata is a 100% Danish owned company measuring consumption of e.g. electricity, water and heat – both comfort measuring and radiator measuring, and preparing consumption accounts. By means of measurement and consumption accounts the expenses are distributed among consumers, while the visibility of consumption optimizes both behaviour and operations. We have more than 90 years of experience, which we use in our daily work with the development and manufacturing of meters, consumption accounts, meter service and substations. We value a high technical level and good service, both for customers interested in manual reading and those who prefer - Brunata Online - remote reading and data access via the web. Come and learn more at booth no. F16!


Brunata Futura Comfort+

Brunata Futura Comfort+ is an electronic comfort meter for measuring room temperature or exterior temperature. Futura Comfort+ is with radio allowing remote reading and transmitting of data as standard. When the meter is read remotely, a complete development of the registered temperatures can be seen. The meter can also be supplied without radio transmitter. In that case, it is read by hand terminal, typically once a year.

Brunata Futura+

Brunata Futura+ is an electronic metering device for recording the heat consumption from radiators in a build¬ing, where the total heating costs are to be shared and allocated between all the consumers. Brunata Futura+ is equipped with a radio transmitter which enables remote and frequent readings without inconvenient service visits from reading personnel. Based on the readings Brunata offers to make the cost allocation and billing of heat consumption.

Brunata ETJ with ClickOnETJ+

Brunata ETJ is a single-jet impeller meter used for measuring hot and cold utility water. With the electronic radio transmitter, Brunata ClickOnETJ+, all data are transmitted and stored in a database. With a log in you can watch your own consumption at any device with access to the internet. Based on readings – by visits or by remote reading - of the water consumption Brunata offers to make the cost allocation and billing of the actual water consumption.

Brunata Climate Case – WebMon Visual Mobile

In connection with field work, a handy case is provided with the necessary equipment for logging data of e.g. temperature and humidity. Data are sent via the GSM network to Brunata’s database and presented via the internet in WebMon Visual. The mobile laboratory is based on the Brunata Futura+ meter family with radio transmitter for logging data from heat cost allocators, temperature loggers and humidity meters. In WebMon Visual you can generate reports with graphics.

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