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Aura EasyT8 Long

Aura Alpinia

Aura Alpinia luminaire is the perfect solution for wall or ceiling mounting. The LED technique makes it possible to ignite fast, regardless of ambient temperature.

The luminaries has a built-in HF sensor and when movement is detected light will come on at full power and stay on during detection plus set time delay. The luminaire is ideal for stairwells, offices, corridors and circulation areas.

The built in lux control means that the luminaire will not light up at all if there is sufficient daylight in the area already. The luminaire can also be set to on/off function only if this is preferred.

All of the luminaires in the Aura Alpinia range are easy to install, give you all the flexibility you need in terms of settings, and ensure the sense of security that comes with having the right light at the right time.

Application areas:
Waiting rooms

Light’s up immediately on full effect when movement is detected.
Comes on at 10, 20 or 30% lo level when the ambient light
is below 100 or 200 lux (adjustable) or simply select On/
off function only.
Lux control prevents unwanted operation.
Battery back up version available, 3h back up power.
Master and slave version, master can operate up to 5
Built-in hidden HF sensor.
Easy adjustment of time delay, range, sensitivity, lux, and
ground light level.
Impact-resistant polycarbonate design, IK09 and IP65.
Modular, LED module can be replaced.

Low profile ceiling

Aura Lunaria

Aura Lunaria is a low profile ceiling grid and display LED solution. The Aura Lunaria LED panel light is a revolutionary LED lighting guide-plate with high brightness LEDs.

Used as lighting for standard commercial ceiling grids; typically used to replace standard 600 mm x 600 mm fluorescent luminaires. Aura Lunaria LED panel light does not result in eye exhaustion and provides uniform luminance all over the light panel.

The latest edition of Aura Lunaria is the tunable white version.

Aura Lunaria LED panel light is the best solution to meet your needs in your office, school and other commercial applications.

Aura Lunaria LED panel is delivered with a 2.5 meter cable with a wall-plug and 2.5 meter DALI-cable for a simple installation.

Application areas:
Commercial applications

Energy efficient
No UV-radiation
Low weight
50.000 hours lifetime
DALI dimmable
Shallow height — suitable for low depth ceilings
Up to 106 lm/W

Aura Conspecto

Aura Conspecto

Aura Conspecto is a family of downlights with the exchangeable LED light source Aura CompoLED Long Life. The luminaire is equipped with the QuickChange™ easy mounting system with bayonet socket for quick replacement and upgrading of LED modules.

The highly energy-efficient Aura Conspecto makes it possible to achieve extremely low power consumption without sacrificing light quality in general lighting applications.This results in significant energy savings compared to traditional CFL downlights. Thanks to the long lifetime of the CompoLED light source, maintenance costs and thereby total cost of ownership is also minimized. Aura Conspecto is very well suited for indoor premises such as corridors, offices, boutiques and shops, hotels, restaurants and lobbies.

Application areas:
Boutiques and shops

190 and 220 version available to replace 1×18 W, 2×18 W, 1×26 W and 2×26 W CFL downlights
Exchangeable LED light source
Superior colour rendering
Saves up to 70% energy compared to CFL downlights
Cut out is 168-180 mm for the 190 version and 193-210 mm for the 220 versions.
Available in both non-dimmable and DALI dimmable versions

Aura Duro is

Aura Duro

Aura Duro is an efficient, maintenance free luminaire that will lower the total lifetime cost of your lighting installation.

It is a sealed luminaire in sturdy clear polycarbonate, with a unique gasket-less labyrinth seal. The cover catch is integrated into the frame and cover, so the luminaire does not need any separate metal clips. These features guarantee the IP66 rating throughout the luminaire lifetime.

It can be fitted with Aura Light’s LED light source, Aura UltiLED Long Life or Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life
fluorescent lamps or Aura Ultimate Long Life, T8.

Best of all, Aura Light offers an eight year system guarantee for Long Life luminaires. The guarantee covers the luminaire as well as the ballast/driver and the Aura light source.

Application areas:
Car parks
Food production

Energy efficient
Impact resistant, IP66, IK10
Gasketless sealing and integrated clips
Easily upgradable and replaceable LED light source
Eight-year guarantee
Designed for tough environments

Aura CompoLED Long

Aura CompoLED Long Life

Aura CompoLED Long Life is a new type of replaceable LED light source with high light output and high energy efficiency. It is not a retrofit LED lamp, but a new type of LED light source for new LED luminaires and solutions. Aura CompoLED Long Life gives you all the benefits of LED lighting today while ensuring that you can easily upgrade your lighting installation without having to replace the entire LED luminaire, as LED technology continues to develop.

Aura CompoLED Long Life has a bayonet socket which makes it very easy to replace. You can easily replace the LED light source with another light colour, beam angle or a more efficient future version.

CompoLED is available both in a version with an integrated reflector (12° / 25° / 40°) and a 120° version without a reflector. Aura CompoLED Long Life is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Aura CompoLED Long Life for lasting LED lighting solutions.

We soon launch our new generation of our CompoLED. It will be available in a Tunable White version or with an extra high colour rendering.

Application areas:
Public areas e.g. receptions
Hotels and restaurants

High light output – up to 2250 lm
High efficacy – up to 136 lm/W (4000 K)
Available in 3000 K or 4000 K
High colour rendering
COB LED array protected by sealed glass lens
60.000 hour lifetime guarantee (L70B10)
Reduces CO2 emissions and maintenance cost

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Product news

  • Aura EasyT8 Long

    Aura EasyT8 Long Life

    Aura EasyT8 Long Life is a highly efficient LED T8 retrofit light source that delivers excellent energy efficiency, high quality of light, and has a rated system lifetime of 50 000 hours. It is intended to be used as a quick solution to save energy in existing luminaire installations replacing T8 fluorescent tubes operated by magnetic ballasts. With minimal effort it is possible to safely upgrade installations to LED technology.

    Aura EasyT8 Long Life gives you energy saving lighting today without expensive installation costs. Aura EasyT8 Long Life is especially suitable for cold applications or applications with high switching frequencies. It offers outstanding thermal and electrical design features making it a reliable product designed for Long Life. The Aura EasyT8 Long Life tube is backed by a 5-year guarantee.

    Aura EasyT8 Long Life – when you want an easy installation and change to high quality LED.

    Application areas:

    LED T8 retrofit
    High efficacy – up to 142 lm/W
    High light output – up to 2900 lm
    Colour rendering ≥ 80
    5-year guarantee
    50 000 hour system lifetime
    Reduces CO2 emissions and maintenance costs
    Compatible with magnetic ballasts (with dummy starter)
    Rotatable cap
    All components UL94-V0

  • Aura Nerium is

    Aura Nerium

    Aura Nerium is a versatile luminaire for general lighting in locations where the required protection class is up to IP44. The luminaire is suitable for corridors, garages, kitchens, industries and laboratories. Aura Nerium is available for both the LED light source Aura UltiLED Long Life or the energyefficient fluorescent lamp, Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life.

    Aura Nerium can be ordered with built-in microwave sensor which is hidden in the luminaire body. The presence sensor ensures that the light is on only when required. Easy to use settings of detection range, hold time and light sensivity. As with all energy efficient lighting solutions from Aura Light,

    Aura Nerium is covered by a system guarantee The guarantee covers the luminaire as well as the ballast/driver and the Aura Long Life light source.

    Application areas:

    Highly efficient luminaire suitable for a variety of applications where IP44 protection is needed.
    Easily upgradable and replaceable LED or T5 light sources
    Five-years guarantee
    Sensor option

  • Aura Unity

    Aura Unity

    Aura Unity is a modern industrial luminaire with a highly efficient reflector made from MIRO 5. This creates very energy efficient lighting in industries, warehouses and supermarkets. It can be fitted either with Aura Light’s LED light sources, Aura UltiLED Long Life or with Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life fluorescent lamps.

    Aura Unity is very easy to install and thanks to the Long Life light sources virtually maintenance free. It is available in two different reflector versions, medium or narrow, in order to ensure optimal lighting for your application.

    Best of all, Aura Light offers an eight year system guarantee for luminaires with Long Life light sources. The guarantee covers the luminaire as well as the ballast/driver and the light source.

    Application areas:

    Energy efficient – system efficiency up to 100 lm/W
    Reduced maintenance costs
    DALI dimmable versions
    Built in wire brackets
    Through wiring.
    Eight years guarantee

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