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ANL Plastics develops and produces thermoformed packagings. At ANL Plastics you can find a wide variety of standard packagings as well as tailor made trays for your products.



With VisiOpac®, ANL Plastics developed a new packaging concept where a dome packaging (with bottom & lid) is sealed gastight. Foodmakers can print the sealing ring to improve brand image and visibility of their product.

ANL meets here the tendency of “out of home” meal consumption. Important in this market trend, is the extending of the storage life in combination with a beautiful product presentation.


Pack consists of a cardboard base and a crystal clear PET lid The piramyd shape guarantees solidity and also reduces lost headspace.


ANL Plastics launches up to date shaped APET range for fresh food
The DP range has a modern, fresh look and presents the fresh content in a 3 dimensional way.
The lid clicks on the tray without leakage, which allows you to present a variety of convenient food preparations in different distribution channels, supermarkets and small retailers.
The packaging is also developed to meet sealing requirements. Thus, the tray can be presented without clicking lid for MAP ready meals.
ANL Plastics will develop a range with a useful content of the tray from 250ml up to 1500ml.
In total, the range will offer a complete series with a very typical and recognizable shape.
The shape is a perfect ergonomic fit in the consumers hand and responds perfectly to the trends of convenience food packaging, nomadism and “on the go” consuming.

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  • Cubb-x

    Cubb-x: your product in the showroom
    ANL Plastics launches a new development on the market with a fresh look at transparent product packaging: Cubb-x® packaging.
    The first products can already been admired in several supermarkets. For 2010, ANL Plastics predicts a prominent presence of the Cubb-x® blister.
    Thanks to its specific and sleek design, the Cubb-x® box offers a revolutionary alternative in the world of the familiar blister pack for pastries in wholesale distribution.
    The striking sleek design, with total absence of disturbing grooves and distortions, creates crystal-clear areas on all visible sides of the packaging and ensures optimal visibility and presentation of the packaged product. The even form guarantees rigidity, optimal stackability and maximum facing on the shelf.
    A band or label provides the necessary product information and is easy to attach,. reinforcing even more the image of quality and exclusivity.
    The cover and base form one whole. As a result, a packaging is created that is user-friendly and economically viable throughout the whole distribution chain. The Cubb-x® box is not only easily transportable (nestable) and quickly and efficiently fillable, it also offers the consumer a strong, properly closed unit with optimal ease of use concerning storage and removal of contents.
    The packaging is suitable for frozen and cold food applications, dry biscuits and chocolate, and for non-food articles such as toys, gifts, etc. Because the Cubb-x® packaging has a neutral appearance, the contents itself is highlighted and the user can create an impression that perfectly matches the contents.
    The standard model is made from APET. For pastries and other moisture-containing products an anti-fog treatment is provided.

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