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The Engels Group supplies products serving logistics and the environment, with a strong focus on sustainability. We intend to maintain our growth towards a European pole position by being a professional partner for our clients as well as our suppliers. This by the:

. Quality of our products, consultation and service
. Creativity of our proposed solutions
. Clarity and accessibility of our communication
. Completeness of our product range

Our product range answers all questions concerning warehouse and transport bins, multiple use packaging, pallets and pallet boxes, retention bins, boxes approved for the transport of hazardous materials and plastic and steel waste containers. This supported by our electronics, software and services for waste collecting and logistics.


Transport and storage bins

Transport and storage bins

Engels' RAKO bins are the most comprehensive system of transport bins. All bins are stackable and will carry up to hundreds of kilograms. Thanks to patented snap closure the lids can easily be closed and opened. Various floor/handle/sidewal options can be combined to create the perfect bin for any application.


Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets

Plastic can be moulded into an endless number of shapes. We can use new or recycled plastic, and we can include additives to lower the price or increase the load-bearing capacity. We distinguish between ultra-light export pallets for use in airplanes and slightly heavier pallets for use on ships. There are also completely smooth pallets for the foodstuff and pharmacy sectors and pallets that withstand heavy loads for use in high bay pallet racking systems.



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  • Custom-made product carriers, to improve your production process.

    Custom-made product carriers, to improve your production process.

    Imagine, a product carrier, custom made to match completely with your product. This will optimize capacity and protection. Combined with our pallets, bins and lids you can create a transport unit to forward the goods in a safe way.

    Both our bins and our product carriers are qualified for automatic handling. At the exposition Empack we present the combination of a work piece carrier with a pick and place unit.

    Engels Logistics nv is an international company with a distinctive selection of plastic bins, pallets, pallet boxes and racks for the logistic, environmental and food industry.


  • Engels has clever

    Engels has clever packaging unit for food industry

    A customer in the food packaging industry contacted Norah Plastics for a solution to his logistical problem. A large German customer of this company in the past had received their goods in iron cages. The customer was basically looking for a hygienic solution that would at the same time enable him to save space.
    Norah’s solution was to simulate a modular cage frame. This was accomplished by placing corner profiles during the foil wrapping. In order to stack the goods easily and properly, they provided spacers that prevent the goods from moving during the transport.

    - Euro-H1
    - Corner profiles : extruded plate from PE 150x1700xD3mm, folded by Norah’s assembly department to a corner of 90°
    - Spacer : density 1000g/m2, thickness 10mm


  • UN boxes for the packaging and transport of glass ampoules

    UN boxes for the packaging and transport of glass ampoules

    Engels Logistics got the request for an inquiry for a UN verified packaging to replace the currently used wooden packaging. The request came with several requirements: off standard measurements, a special type of lid and a short delivery time. Considering these demands, Engels Logistics was able to offer our standard UN verified Rako box.

    The old package is a combination of a wooden outer package with a metal drum and a glass ampoule. This ampoule is wrapped in absorption material and foam and placed in the metal drum. The glass ampoule can contain different ‘dangerous’ materials. Except for the wooden package, the used packages were recuperated.

    In order to anchor the metal drum in our 36-209-UN, a custom made foam interior in LD18 quality was glued into the box. After our boxes passed the tests, a first order for 400 UN-verified boxes with custom made interior in was placed in May this year.


  • Shuttle pallet in high bay warehouses

    Shuttle pallet in high bay warehouses

    Wear and damage to pool pallets quickly cause malfunctions and standstill of the sensitive equipment in high bay warehouses. With the Shuttle pallet from Engels the pool pallets continue to function perfectly.


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