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Fischbein S.A. belongs to Fischbein LLC, an American company with its main manufacturing site in North Carolina.

The Brussels Headquarters, which were created in 1956, are dealing with the assembling, distribution and marketing of a large range of machines and equipment for Europe, Africa and the Middle East :

• open mouth bag closing machines (for jute, burlap, cotton, paper, multi wall paper, polyethylene, woven or non woven polypropylene, net bag, lined/coated papers and foils, laminates)

• by sewing: portable bag closers, mini sewing systems, sewing heads, industrial sewing systems, high speed sewing systems, dual heads systems

• by hot melt gluing: including a Double Roll Closer equipment and other techniques even for pinch pre-glued bags.

• by sealing: from manual to industrial production. The industrial versions of the brand Saxon close a large variety of bags (PE complex or co-extruded, laminates, with an inner liner,…) by hot air or with bands or radiant (through paper)

• by combined means: combining two of these previous techniques or even applying a reactivated tape over sewing or sealing.


"SH1000" Hot Air Sealer

"SH1000" Hot Air Sealer

Used for the sealing of open-mouth polypropylene and polyethylene bags. The sealer can be mounted on a motorised column and trolley or incorporated into a custom built application.
The sealer can also be mounted vertically.
It is recommended to have a conveyor when the product weighs more than 450g, and when the sealer is mounted vertically. Conveyors start from 2 to 6m in single lengths and increase in 0,5m increments. Above 6m lengths the conveyors will need to be bolted together.
Nominal sealing width 6mm; this may vary due to the possibility of material shrinkage.

Mini-System FTS

Mini-System FTS

Mini-system FTS to close open mouth bags
This mini-system is used to close all types of bags (paper, polypropylene, or polyethylene) by plain sewing.

Operation mode:The already reshaped bag is introduced into the infeed which guides the bag to the sewing machine. The sewing process starts when the photo sensor detects the bag. At the end the pneumatic chain pusher pushes the chain into the knives to cut it.

Remarks: To have a smooth operation of the mini system a conveyor is required.
The conveyor can be controlled by a footswitch.



thread, crepe, fillercord, needles, oil, ...

Industrial Sewing machine model 100

Industrial Sewing machine model 100

“Low vibration” sewing head, used for plain sewing of every type of open-mouth bags, including paper, woven polypropylene, jute and burlap. Specially suited for nett bags!
Typical application for this sewing head: potatoes packing line.
Sewing head requires to be mounted on an appropriate column or frame (see “Fischbein” sewing systems).

 Plain sewing
 Adjustable stitch length (7-12,5mm)
 Without cutting knife
 Specially suited for nett bags

Portable sewing machine model F

Portable sewing machine model F

1-thread portable sewing machine (stitch type 101) to close all types of bags: paper (single or multi-wall), woven or unwoven polypropylene, nett, polyethylene, burlap, cotton bags of any content.
 The Portable is equipped with following components :
 Mechanical chain-tape scissors knife. ref. 1633
 Semi-automatic lubrication system
 Presser foot (11399 tape 50mm and throat plate: 11212) and lifter mechanism
 Tape folder (ref. 1624) and tape holder ( ref. 1628).
 Corrosion resistant – epoxy paint
 Stitch length: Standard 7 mm, not adjustable.
 Linear speed : +/- 13,6 m/min, (depends on the material and voltage)
 Maximum material thickness = 7 mm
 Noise level: 79 dB.
 Vibrations: daily exposure values may not exceed 180 laps/h over a period of 8 h (1 work shift) – Bag width: 55cm


 Voltage : 230 V single phase
 Frequency : 50-60 Hz
 Power : 90 W - 0,75 A
 Motor : double insulated, class 2 without ground wire (not allowed). IP65 - 10.000 rpm (ref. 67753)
 Adequate lead wire.

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  • TOS-3000

    Fischbein is manufacturer and worldleader of open mouth bag closing machines.

    • by sewing
    • by hot melt gluing
    • by sealing
    • by combined means:

    • for:
    - manual production
    - semi-automatic production
    - automatic production
    - high speed production

    In its range of combined means, Fischbein recently introduced a new machine: the TOS 3000. This equipment will give you a bag with a strong and siftresistant closure. This is possible with the combination of:
    1) tape and sewing: a tape is applied over the top and both sides of the sewn line
    2) tape and sealing: a tape is applied over the top and both side of the bag, of which the inner liner is sealed

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