WAGO Kontakttechnik

WAGO Kontakttechnik

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1930 Zaventem


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  • Minimale afmetingen, Maximale

    La borne \" COMPACT\" série 2273.Un Maximum de performances dans un Minimum d‘espace !

Product news

  • The new LON® I/O module

    The new LON® 753-648 I/O module from WAGO offers full flexibility. It can be used to easily and quickly set up interfaces at the field and automation level to other protocols, such as BACnet® IP and KNX IP. The freely definable network interface can manage up to 249 variables.

  • De perfecte veerklem,

    TOPJOB S (insertion directe)

  • DALI multi master module & configuration software

    DALI multi master module & configuration software

    WAGO's new 753-647 I/O module not only controls 64 DALI actuators but also connects to up to 64 sensors. This eliminates the need for installing a sensor-only parallel bus for brightness measurement or presedence detection. The reduced installation time and the clear network structure in the new configuration software help increase the DALI operational efficiency.

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