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PVS is a company specialized in industrial and professional sound installations.

It was founded in 1983 by Mr. Patrick Van de Sande, whose technical formation was qualifying for what PVS stands for today. From the very start, PVS paid a lot of attention to technical innovation and quality.

In 1988 PVS became a limited liability company and in 1990 it switched from retail to wholesale. In 1994 the company moved to its current location at the Veldstraat in Hasselt.

The buildings amount to a total surface of 7400 m². They harbor both technical and administrative departments.


Xeno 8

AUDAC is excited to announce the launch of the XENO series, a 2-way loudspeaker series that consists of two different versions: the XENO 6 and the XENO 8. While both have a 1’’ dome tweeter, the XENO 6 version is said to exist of a 6’’ Mid / Low frequency driver and the XENO 8 of an 8’’ Mid / Low frequency driver.

These 2-way loudspeakers are designed’ for fixed audio installations in modern environments where more than just background music is required.

AUDAC believes the XENO series will offer improved convenience and functionality because of its revolving bracket. This design makes rotation in both horizontal and vertical way possible. In addition, the loudspeaker consists of an integrated protection system that avoids tweeter damaging when overload occurs.


M2 One audio system, endless possibilities

AUDAC has always been a strong player in the audio matrix market and their recent
product releases only confirms this position. Having received a lot of user feedback
with the release of their R2 matrix, AUDAC saw certain applications required a new
kind of audio matrix that was not available on the market yet.
The result of this is the M2. Like the R2, it’s not just an 8x8 web based audio Matrix.
It is capable of mixing up to 27 balanced inputs with the 8 output zones. Allowing you
to program up to 8 scenes of auto mixing presets. Other much-requested additions
are the built-in limiter, automatic gain control, feedback destroying, 5 band equalizer,
audio delay for large venues and even a built-in voice file interface with SD card
Besides these extra options it also has the priority setting, timer functions and user
friendly web interface of the R2. But even the contact inputs have expanded to 10
inputs allowing you to trigger priorities, multi voice files and link zones.
But it doesn’t stop there. Optional internal expansion units will allow you to power
your 8 stereo outputs, expand your system over long distances with several M2 and
R2 devices thanks to the optical linking unit, or even install a 7” touch screen in the
front side. On the other hand there are a lot of external expansions devices like
several types of wall panels or the APM tables allowing you to make priority callings
while the ARU relays let you switch contacts for an endless number of applications.
To top it all off, there’s the built-in web server which can be accessed through any
device with a browser. You can even use your iPad or iPhone to control the M2
thanks to the M2 Remote App.
With the Arrival of the M2, Audac has truly taken its audio matrix product line to
another level.



MTX Series

The MTX series are the newest addition to the AUDAC product range. With this new
series , their matrix systems not only contain top of the line models, but it has filled
the gap with a very cost efficient matrix system for a wide area of Multi-Zone audio
applications. In this way, they are on the right track to make their matrix system the
new standard for all kinds of Multi-Zone audio applications.
The new range offers two different models with the same features and possibilities
but with different zone possibilities. One version is capable of controlling up to four
different stereo zones while the second is capable of controlling up to eight different
stereo zones. What makes the MTX matrix system superior to all other matrix systems in their price
range, besides all the standard functions expected from an audio matrix, they also
offer specific features which were only available in the top-range products until now.
Some examples of these features are: a fully functional web based interface to
control and configure your audio system from any device connected in your LAN
network, available apps for iPhone and iPad to control your audio system out of your
pocket, possibilities to add additional control panels and wall audio input units to
zones, the possibility to connect a paging console and many more….
The features of the MTX listed: 2 Microphone inputs with priority, phantom power, 3
band tone control (Gain selectable between 0dB and -50 dB)and 4 line inputs. 4
(MTX48) or 8 (MTX88) output zones. Wall panel connections for every zone (audio
input + control panel), Front panel, TCP/IP and RS232 control functions. Paging
console connection and 24 Volts operation possibility.


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