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As an artisan baker, how can you even try to compete with the supermarket?

How will you respond to the increasing age of the population, the rising demand for smaller portions? What can you offer your customers -- that the supermarket simply cannot? How will you adapt to the growing trend of customers consuming bakery products away from home? 

Plus, there's more demand than ever for organic products and sustainability, and "healthy products" play an increasingly important role in the customer's mind these days. Today's customer is not satisfied with just the product: now customers consider the company's image and the impacts of purchasing the product -- giving you, the artisan baker, the ideal opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition in terms of products, advertising and packaging.

In fact, you MUST do it to remain competitive.

In short: as an artisan baker, you need to constantly innovate.

A visit to BAKKERSVAK 2011 is an easy way to find inspiration, discover new products and meet existing and new suppliers who will help you respond to the latest developments in the industry.

Suppliers of the following products and solutions will be there to welcome you:

  • Raw materials, ingredients & intermediates
  • Store fixtures
  • Machinery, plant & equipment
  • End products
  • Packaging Materials
  • Quality, hygiene, safety ensurance & environment protection
  • Logistics & Storage

easyFairs trade shows are 'hype-free" and inform you about the latest innovations in your industry. In addition, the fairs are regionally focused, on a human scale, which makes your visit a straightforward and pleasant experience, without tying up too much of your time.

To make your visit time and cost effective, BAKKERSVAK offers you:

  • an appropriate and accessible location
  • free access to the exhibition
  • free parking
  • free participation in learnShops™
  • free exhibition catalog
  • and a handy floorplan

Prepare your visit through the online exhibitor list and floorplan.  The interactive floorplan lets you add the companies you want to visit to your exhibitor list and then print the floorplan with your selected exhibitors.

Presto: a personalised agenda for the day.

easyFairs Netherlands BV is member of CLC. 


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