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Belgium's specialised trade show for the latest technologies around sensing and optics in production processes


Sensor/optics systems are an integral part of a broad array of production processes, implemented via technologies ranging from time, temperature and climatic sensing to camera systems through to lasers and optronics/photonics, and more.

Used in production control as well as in specific operations to achieve very high degrees of accuracy, sensor and vision systems now also play an important role in ensuring worker safety in the production environment.

These days, one just can't imagine manufacturing processes or facilities without them: as the technologies have gotten faster, smaller, smarter, and cheaper, the number of practical applications has literally gone through the roof! For nearly every operations challenge, there's an appropriate sensing/optics solutions that could optimise the process. And yet how does one keep current on the latest innovations and advancements?

For sourcing products and services in this field, visiting SENSOR & VISION 2012 is perhaps the quickest way to see what's new on the market and who's supplying it. Discover the latest innovations and advancements in the field.

Whether you just collect a stack of business cards "for later" or engage in concrete, detailed discussions with the exhibitors about how their products would work in your particular situation, you will return to your office with valuable business contacts to help you meet tomorrow's challenges.

Visiting SENSOR & VISION 2012 is also perfect for networking and refreshing your knowledge. You'll meet lots of professional peers with whom you can exchange experiences. Plus, you can attend the free learnShops -- short lectures and case studies on hot topics and new developments, given by experts and practitioners in the field.

And it will only cost you a few hours of your time!

So mark your calendars for 9 & 10 May 2012 and register to visit

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