Advanced Engineering 2016 - National Exhibition Centre, 02 - 03 November 2016

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Surface Engineering

Surface Engineering spans the Advanced Engineering show floor

Surface Engineering, a key area of coverage across the Advanced Engineering 2016 show floor, is vital to the success of the UK engineering and manufacturing industries.

Some recent news from the sector…


Surface Engineering



Innovate UK announced to invest up to £2 million in technical feasibility studies to stimulate innovative new concepts and applications in surface engineering and coatings - Innovate UK

Surface Engineering


Slug inspired material could make aircraft de-icers a thing of the past - Engineering Materials

Surface Engineering


CPI announces roll to roll slot die/screen printing and encapsulation capability - Engineering Materials

Surface Engineering


Coming Soon: Computer Display on Contact Lenses - IHS Engineering 360

According to the Surface Engineering Group at Connect/Innovate UK:

Many products, from aero engines to razor blades, use a treated surface creating cost-effective, high performance parts with a functional surface exactly where it is required.

"An update on the challenges and priorities for the UK Surface Engineering Industry", recently published by the Materials Community of the Knowledge Transfer Network, used extensive consultation with industry and leading researchers to identify key actions and issues, which included:

  • Robust property data to enable predictive design and improve quality control

  • Innovative ways to help the surface engineering supply chain compete in a global market

  • Alternatives to chromium, cadmium and nickel coatings

Surface Engineeing at Advanced Engineering 2016

The importance of surface engineering and coating technologies is reflected right across the Advanced Engineering show floor from exhibitors, visitors and speaker presentations alike.

Surface Engineering
Surface Engineering
Surface Engineering
Surface Engineering

Just some of our exhibitors on board so far . . .

  • Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd
  • Avintiv
  • Axson UK Ltd
  • CHT Bezema
  • Creative Composites
  • Dycomet UK Limited
  • Engis (UK) Ltd
  • FerroCrtalic d.o.o.
  • Finishing Techniques Ltd
  • Greentree (Verton Ltd)
  • HVM Catapult
  • Impreglon UK
  • Indestructible Paint
  • Ionbond Ltd
  • Junair Spraybooths Ltd
  • Metal Improvement Company (CWST)
  • Mirka (UK) Ltd
  • Pexa Limited
  • Poeton Industries Ltd
  • PPG Aerospace
  • Sandwell UK






Recent presentations from last November’s show include:

  • High-precision self-lubricating coatings applied by Electrophoretic Deposition
  • Best practices in solvent cleaning – The choice of the right cleaning agent is key
  • Improving Thermoplastic part surfaces: Surface Veil Systems
  • Advances in Applications of Nickel Deposition
  • Helping industry to unlock Graphene’s potential
  • UltraSTEEL – A novel work hardening process for cold roll forming and beyond
  • Porous Metal Foams for thermal management applications
  • Thermoplastic Composite Technology 2.0. The growth and expansion of thermoplastic composites
  • Lightweight brakes by application of innovative material technology
  • Advanced Gelcoats, Adhesives and Crestapol Resins for land transport application
  • Design for Manufacture: Advancing lamination technologies
  • LiRIC – Liquid Resin Infusion of High Temperature Composites
  • High performance reactive resins for component protection in extreme environments
  • OntoTM Adhesion Promoters: Enabling a Greener Automotive Future

This year’s Advanced Engineering promises to have even more coverage of surface engineering and its applications in aerospace, automotive, and other high performance manufacturing sectors. Stay tuned for updates on the website.

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