Advanced Engineering 2016 - National Exhibition Centre, 02 - 03 November 2016

The UK's largest meeting place for advanced engineering professionals
Supported by Rail Alliance
Rail Alliance

Driven by investment and huge infrastructure initiatives like HS2, Crossrail, and the Northern Hub, the rail sector in the UK offers greater opportunities for business than ever before. This expansion is also supported by government through bodies like The Rail Supply Group (RSG).  The RSG was established in 2014 following discussion with the Department for Transport (DfT), the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and close engagement with organisations from across the rail industry. It meets regularly to analyse the issues affecting the rail supply chain and develop solutions to drive growth with the prime purpose to strengthen the capability and competitiveness of the UK rail supply chain to grow business at home and abroad - in short, to make the UK a global railway leader.

Reflecting this dynamic UK backdrop, Advanced Engineering is supported in 2016 by The Rail Alliance, which will host its own ‘Rail Technology Hub’ at this year’s. Representing a membership base spanning all aspects of the railway and supporting industries, The Rail Alliance is exceptionally well-placed to be working with Advanced Engineering to help expand Advanced Engineering’s coverage of the rail engineering sector.  Furthermore The Rail Alliance will be bringing in some of its member companies to exhibit and discover new opportunities and case studies in parallel sectors including, aerospace, automotive, motorsport, marine & civil engineering.  Perfectly in line with the government’s aims, The Rail Alliance is nurturing and encouraging a cross-pollination of skills and experience across all industries benefitting from the capabilities that advanced manufacturing provides.

Rail alliance
Rail alliance

A particular application at the show will be that of composites and related materials: Glass and Fibre-Reinforced Polymer composites are increasingly specified by the rail sector for use in both infrastructure and rolling stock applications including bridge structures; trackbeds; gantries, lineside furniture, platform surfaces, and pre-moulded interior vestibule pods.

Rail Alliance will also be holding seminars on the subject of composites of rail on Wednesday 2nd November (11.00-12.00) and Thursday 3rd November (13.00 – 14.00). Please contact for more for details.

If you would like to know more about the Advanced Engineering show or find out how to exhibit as part of the Rail Alliance Technology hub – please click here to complete our online enquiry form or contact Paul Love, Head of Sales on or +44 (0)20 8843 8809.

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