Advanced Engineering 2016 - National Exhibition Centre, 02 - 03 November 2016

The UK's largest meeting place for advanced engineering professionals
Engineering the UK

At the forefront of the industry – striving for excellence and the ability to push the boundaries of what is currently possible – is advanced engineering. Using hi-tech approaches and next-generation technologies to find solutions to industry problems, this branch of engineering is attracting a lot of attention.

Engineering in the UK

As such, Advanced Engineering 2016 will offer current and future industry employees a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends, techniques and solutions. The event will also showcase new products for the aerospace, automotive, composite materials, performance metals industries and visitors will discover how the UK is leading engineering in these sectors.

The latest edition of the Engineering UK report ‘Engineering UK 2016: The State of Engineering’ analyses the engineering industry’s capacity for growth. The report covers three main areas:

  •  Engineering and skilled engineers make a significant contribution to the UK economy

  •  All levels of education in the UK doesn’t have the current capacity or the required rate of growth needed to meet the forecast demand for skilled engineers and technicians by 2022

  • Through concerted and co-ordinated action, the engineering community and employers in particular can make a demonstrable difference by working with schools and colleges.
Engineering in the UK

Two main UK engineering sectors – automotive and aerospace – are specifically catered for at Advanced Engineering 2016. There has been a huge growth in car manufacturing in the UK with global vehicle manufacturers investing more than £6bn in the UK, and producing almost 1.6 million vehicles. Meanwhile in the aerospace arena Britain currently has nearly 20% of the global manufacturing market, behind the US, and 100,000 people are directly employed.

There is a common goal to inspire future generations to pursue relevant qualifications and go on to careers in engineering. Those already working in the industry should look to Advanced Engineering 2016 for inspiration as the halls will be filled with more than 700 exhibitors, suppliers, partners and industry bodies. The exhibition spaces will be complemented by the largest open conference of its kind will feature presentations from specialists from all relevant industry sectors.

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