Advanced Engineering 2016 - National Exhibition Centre, 02 - 03 November 2016

The UK's largest meeting place for advanced engineering professionals
Enabling Innvoation at Advanced Engineering
Advanced Engineering - enabling innovation

Catalysing the commercialisation of the UK’s world-class R & D and innovation capabilities:

Launched in 2015, Enabling Innovation at Advanced Engineering provides a unique opportunity for early stage innovators to showcase breakthrough concepts, products & processes in front of the UK’s largest and most diverse ‘advanced engineering & technology’ audience.

Hosted within the Advanced Engineering show floor, Enabling Innovation comprises:

  • Feature Exhibit Zone
  • Open Conference Sessions
  • 1-2-1 meeting opportunities with potential investors and partners, and more...

Feature Exhibit Zone

Advanced Engineering, in partnership with Magna International and the KTN, the Enabling Innovation Zone will showcase 20 innovative technology companies. Featured companies have gone through a rigorous selection process and have been selected as the most innovative and disruptive technologies in the market today.

Featured exhibitors profiles:

Advacned Engineering - Enabling Innovation - exhibitor logos

3D Innovative Designs

Address: Thomas Telford Building, 25 AA 02,  Guildford,  Surrey, GU2 7XH
Tel: 01483 68 3390

Our mission is to design and supply architected materials for extreme applications. Our offer includes metallic-ceramic panels for protection from forcible entry (MetalCeramix™) and 3D woven lattice materials for damping applications at temperatures over 1000C (LatticeDamper™).

8power ltd

Address: 8power ltd, Ideaspace West, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT
Tel: +44(0)7811 352363

8power develops novel vibration energy harvesting devices and sensors with applications in automotive, industrial, utility and infrastructure markets. 8power’s patented energy harvesting technology substantially outperforms previous devices as it makes use of a non-linear effect, parametric resonance, increasing bandwidth and power output. This makes it an attractive, low-cost alternative to limited lifetime batteries in many applications.



Address: Bizzinn, Birmingham Research Park, 97 Vincent Drive, Birmingham, , B15 2SQ
Tel: +44(0)7723958095

Aceleron is a technology company focused on providing low cost energy storage. Aceleron has developed the technology to transform end of life lithium batteries into affordable energy storage solutions. The Increased uptake of low carbon vehicles and consumer electronics has created a waste management challenge associated with their batteries, while the growth of renewable energy deployment in developing regions has increased the demand for low cost energy storage. Through reuse, Aceleron seeks to address both challenges; developing the technology to transform these end of life batteries into cost effective energy storage products initially for but not limited to developing regions. Aceleron will:

  • Solve a battery waste disposal problem for the automotive and electronics sector by assuming responsibility for a percentage of their lithium battery waste.
  • Use these batteries to provide low cost battery packs for a number of growing markets.


Adaptive Moulding Ltd.

Address: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX
Tel: 1-514-531-7736

Our reconfigurable tooling solution is easy to phase-in and exploits 3D-printed moulds allowing you to process plastic parts faster and cheaper. Large parts are difficult to get to market because conventional tooling is so expensive. Capital budget restrictions and finance limitations can stop good projects in their tracks. Our solution results in higher throughput, lower capital expenditures on mould costs, less waste, and faster time-to-market.


Asap water crafts

Address: 145 Abbey Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5ND
Tel: +44(0)7944 542445

Asap Rescue Hero is a small one-person, electric motorised rescue craft. Being electric powered it is cost effective and can be recharged using renewable energy sources, also perfect in hard to reach locations where boats can’t access.  Our Rescue craft will jet you through the water to reach people in trouble quicker.  We are also busy working on a fun toy version along with many other product ideas.


Braci - The Smart Ear

Address: 2 St.Philips Place, B3 2RB
Tel: +44 (0)7875 965946

Braci is a sound recognition platform that detects and converts sounds that happen around us in to sensory and visual notifications through smart devices back to the wearer/user. This technology relies on converting sounds into digital fingerprints and allowing these fingerprints to be recognised and matched using the microphones on smart devices. From this technology Braci has empowered several applications and packages including an application to aid people to stop snoring, an application that acts as a baby monitor, and an application to allow a person who is deaf, hard of hearing, and elderly to feel safe, secure and more comfortable in knowing they will be alerted to sounds that happen around them, as well as being able to live more independently.In addition, Braci can be implemented in other products in many different sectors including, automotive, industrial, hotels, and many more.


Composite Braiding Ltd.

Address: 470 Hucknall Road, Nottingham, NG5 1FX
Tel: +44(0)7787 417210

Composite Braiding Ltd are leaders in thermoplastic composite braiding.  Providing engineering, design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, we assist customers in the design and manufacture of advanced composite thermoplastic components using the highly automated, low labour and high-speed braiding process. This enables lightweight structural products for a wide variety of applications including torque shafts and springs, structural tubes, pressurised pipes, pressure vessels, crash structures and rotor sleeves. The components can be shaped to requirements and recycled. In full production, this process is capable of over 100,000 parts per year per machine.


Crown Hockey

Address: Fair Cross Offices, Stratfield Saye, Reading, RG7 2BT
Tel: 1256885919

Our mission is to dramatically increase the level of technology and innovation in field hockey in field hockey equipment. Bringing a precision engineered Formula one process to the mass consumer for everyone to enjoy.


eStress Limited

Address: 3 Hide Market, West Street, Bristol, BS2 0BH
Tel: +44(0)1179 351177

eStress specialises in providing engineering analysis and consultancy services within the ‘high-tech’ and R&D fields ranging from contribution to new product designs, investigation into the structural integrity of existing products and components, failure analysis, heat transfer, and assessment of the impact of modifications on life expectancy and structural performance.The Organization is based in Bristol and has been operating for more than 25 years. Its success was founded and is still firmly based on the wide ranging practical engineering experience of its 10 strong Top Management and Engineers. Customers include Airbus, BAe Systems, Rolls-Royce, GKN Aerospace, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty and British Energy.


The HPC-Blade product represents a novel design and manufacturing solution for wind-turbine blades. The product assembly facilitates the following technology shifts: progression from a spar and core configuration to a rib-based fully stressed blade skin; elimination of mechanically fastened or bonded composite-metal joints; an optimised and appropriate synthesis of composite and metallic materials.HPC-Blade offers weight saving, improved reliability, erosion/corrosion resistance, faster manufacture and lower cost when compared to existing products on the market. The unique hub adaptation assembly unlocks the blade retrofit market. Moreover, the design is scalable, offering benefits to composite blades of all sizes.



Address: Link Hall, Wheldrake Lane, Crockey Hill, York, YO19 4SQ
Tel: +44(0)1904 448340

Libertine makes high performance linear electrical machines and free piston devices for power and motion. Applications include free piston engines for decentralised power and hybrid vehicles, heat-to-power gas expanders and linear actuators. The high efficiency and precise positional control provided by Libertine’s technology address the key remaining challenges identified by free piston engine developers.


MPMsim Ltd.

Address: MPMsim Ltd. 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ
Tel: +44 (0)01612 981984 / +44(0)7540 195354

MPMsim Ltd.’s mission is to accelerate the pace of science and engineering through superior simulation technology.MPMsim, Material Point Method Simulation, is a next generation meshless multi-physics simulation software for the engineering industry.MPMsim natively overcomes inherent limitations and subsequent inconveniences of competitor software through its unique hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian non-linear explicit dynamics solver.Featuring a simplified and shortened workflow, MPMsim eliminates the need for meshing and CAD de-featuring, the two most labour intensive and expertise extensive tasks in traditional FEA.MPMsim was designed to solve problems conventional FEA software struggle with or are unable to solve.


Neuron Soundware

Address: NG2 5ND
Tel: +420 604 182 351

Neuron soundware is making sense of sound. The team of machine learning experts is building a framework of neural networks to understand, learn from and process sounds. The technology allows to diagnose and predict the technical problems in heavy machinery, car engines, turbines or air conditioning systems among much else. That allows to optimise the machinery maintenance. The algorithms can run on on-board computation unit or can be directly integrated into the machines.


Oxsensis Ltd

Address: Unit 6, Genesis Building, Library Avenue, Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxon, OX144HY
Tel: +44(0)1235 531433

Oxsensis develops and manufactures optical sensors for harsh environments. Our fibre-optic sensor systems are designed for pressure and temperature measurements at extreme temperatures (greater than 1000°C) and are immune to electrometric interference (EMI) primarily for the Aerospace (gas turbine and fuel systems) and Oil&Gas (down-hole and subsea P-T sensors) industries, but we welcome discussions with all those who have harsh environment sensing needs.


Photocentric Ltd

Address: Cambridge House, Oxney Rd, Peterborough, PE1 5YW
Tel: +44(0)1733 349937

Photocentric intends to create the largest 3D printer of its type ever made. This not only enables lots of objects to be manufactured at one time, but it also enables them to be created at much lower cost than is currently possible. The machine operates on daylight sensitive resin, a technology which creates the highest definition objects. It can do this because of a UK innovation, a patent-applied technology that uses normal LCD screens in everyday devices as the image creation method of a 3D printer.


Ross Robotics

Address: Lowgrounds Farm Yard,  Harleyford Lane,  Marlow,  Buckinghamshire,  SL7 2DU
Tel: +44(0)1628 482653

Any task that can be defined in procedures is ripe for automation. We just need to develop general purpose robots that can be trained and repurposed without huge set-up costs. It is like the computer industry all over again, but this time the revolution is in robotics. Ross Robotics makes robots that harness automation and reconfiguration to imitate the adaptability of living creatures: they meet today’s needs and evolve.


Rotite Technologies Ltd.

Address: Suite 12 , Parkway 2, Princess Road, Parkway Business Centre. Manchester, M14 7LU
Tel: +44(0)1618 857100

Mission;-Rotite Technologies provides unique and innovative mechanical or combined connection solutions to both manufacturers and consumers – guaranteeing superior measurable values to all stakeholders.Vision;- To revolutionise and streamline connection technology, contributing to sustainable products and manufacturing solutions.


Singularity Insight

Address: 157 Boulevard Macdonald, 75019 PARIS, 75019
Tel: +33 6 50 86 93 11

EXPERT TELEPORTATION gives technical teams a superpower: Specialists do not need to travel - they can teleport their knowledge to anywhere in the world, at any time and, most importantly, IMMEDIATELY. For the first time, an expert can see a situation through a technician's eyes, from potentially thousands of miles away, as if they were on site. The technician's hands are completely free. Specialists can guide technicians from a distance just as though they were on site.



Address: 1st Floor, 31 Princess Street, Manchester, M2 4EW
Tel: +44(0)7779 110735

Smartlife are specialists in smart garment technology. We develop textile soft-sensors, electronics and software that are capable of detecting and processing biophysical signals from the body (such as ECG and EMG).  By discreetly integrating our technology into clothing we have created a comfortable smart garment that can wirelessly deliver accurate and insightful information to users about their heart rate, breathing pattern, muscle activation, movement patterns and energy expenditure.

Address: Rue Pepinet 3, Lausanne, 1003
Tel: +41(0)762328608

We teach your old factory new tricks!


WICASTR: The SMART WIreless Platform

Address: St James House, 13 Kensington Square. London, W8 5HD
Tel: +44(0)7456 242 719 or +374(0)98344361

WICASTR is a patented SMART Wireless Platform that facilitates the creation of wireless networks and content distribution everywhere, no IT skliss required. WICASTR facilitates the creation of local, private and secure content distribution and communications networks anywhere, thus enabling SMART Transport and Locations. WICASTR adds a layer of content and services to any location, turning all visitors into a digital audience. The company was established May 2013 in London, and recently expanded in Armenia by opening an R&D centre in Yerevan. WICASTR is a Techstars Alumni, and was selected by CISCO as Top 5 UK startup to watch in the Internet Of Everything realm, and most recently was selected to be part of ChallengeUp!, a unique IoT accelerator organised by Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom.--- About the team:  The organization capability section did not allow me to put more than 10 words:The founding team includes seasoned entrepreneurs with proven track records in the technology sector with deep domain expertise in IoT, retail, wireless, software, hardware development, manufacturing and distribution. They’ve been working together for the past 7 years, this is their second joint project. Together the founders hold 6 patents and 8 pending. The experienced team of 12, and growing, is composed of extraordinary talented individuals spread between London, Montreal, and Yerevan.