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EStress Limited

EStress Limited

Stand E1.

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BS20BH Bristol
United Kingdom

eStress Ltd are a team of innovative and experienced structural engineers. Their expertise as structural analysis specialists has been built up within the aerospace industry.
Devising novel and reliable means of exploiting multiple, high-performance engineering materials; their solutions are applicable to all technology sectors which require optimisation of cost and performance.


  • HPC-Blade - unlocking a step change in wind turbine blade technology

    Tomorrow’s wind turbine blades will need to be more efficient and reliable whilst offering manufacturing cost savings. Moreover current technology limitations for very large blades need to be overcome by a step change in design concept. Although substantial advances
    have been made in materials, aerodynamics and manufacturing of composites, the basic structural design of wind turbine blades has seen little evolution with central spar-like structures and bonded cores remaining the primary load-bearing and profile supporting elements. Aside from structural inefficiencies, these configurations result in complex and expensive manufacturing and root-hub
    connection processes.
    The HPC-Blade provides the disruptive technological shifts required to meet these design and manufacturing challenges. The HPC-Blade facilitates the progression from a spar and core configuration to a rib-based fully stressed blade skin and the implementation of an improved root-hub adaptation solution.
    HPC-Blade reduces overall blade weight, overcomes the current composite-metal joint limitations, and opens up significant opportunities for both the retrofit market and the exploitation of large blades development.

  • HPC-Strut - a new dawn in the use of advanced composite materials

    There exists in Industry a market for low cost, lightweight, stiff, high strength engineering struts.
    Performance struts are used within satellites, aircraft, bridges, buildings and vehicles. They have many different applications, such as structural supports, actuators, robotic arms and manipulators, and as load transferring links in high speed machinery.
    The need to reduce the mass of structures has in recent years, led to considerable interest in the use of advanced composite materials (i.e. FRP’s, MMC’s and Ceramics) which possess a greater specific strength and stiffness than metals, and thus offer performance gains over traditional struts in compression.
    However, members made from such special materials can present problems in the method of their attachment to the rest of the overall structure.
    The innovative HPC-Strut product meets this challenge by exploiting an elegant and simple design assembly concept, giving it distinct pricing and technical advantages over both conventional all-metallic, and advanced all composite struts.
    In order to improve on current lightweight strut technology, the HPC-Strut product offers increased buckling resistance by utilising the benefits of both metals and advanced composite materials but without connection and thermal mismatch problems.
    The HPC-Strut design is unique and is based on sound mechanical engineering principles and established materials and manufacturing techniques.

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