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Ross Robotics

Ross Robotics

Stand E1.

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SL72DU Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom

Ross Robotics offers a flexible, robust and cost effective modular robotic delivery platform. Robots have until now been designed with single tasks in mind, where tools and sensors are permanently installed. The result is an inflexible robot requiring specialised technical support. Users can be left with higher than expected maintenance costs, low availability and a platform that cannot be modified as the requirement for new tools and sensors grows.
The development of our fully modular platform allows our robots to be quickly re-configured to perform a wide variety of tasks. Our patented universal connector means robots can not only be easily re-configured but also maintained by non-specialist personnel as damaged modules are simply replaced. A growing portfolio of sensors and tools can be deployed on our platform, allowing users to select the tools required for a particular task while maximising availability, mobility and portability.
Our platform has been tested and used by CERN at their facilities in Geneva including in the Large Hadron Collider where conditions can be very hostile due to strong magnetic fields and transient radiation levels. Our design and development incorporates not only the latest technological advances in materials, software and electronics, but also draws inspiration from abilities and solutions seen in the natural world. All of these combine to provide a robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective modular robotic system that can be deployed across an ever increasing range of tasks.


  • EXTRM 2.0

    The EXTRM SC2.0 is configured from standard system modules and accessory modules to deliver extreme endurance, payload capacity and all-terrain mobility. Built from metalised composites, EXTRM SC2.0 can operate in extremely hostile conditions including elevated magnetic flux, chemicals, brine and background radiation.

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