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Miba Coating Group

Miba Coating Group

Stand B61

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4663 Laakirchen

Miba Coating Group is your specialist for innovative coating solutions. Among others we develop customized coatings for backlash adjustment for gear wheels, for NVH optimization, for tribology improvement and for friction increase.

Our hard-working, talented, customer-oriented team tailors each coating to the application in question. By working as part of an extensive network of internal and external partners, we steadily build our know-how base and push ahead with development of new coatings. Customers benefit in particular from our short development times for prototypes and products.


  • Green Energy Solutions

    Electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance
    - Coatings with high density and uniformity
    - Increased efficiency

    - FCELLCOAT,100,en.html

  • Friction Increase Solutions

    Coatings for increased friction cause downsizing and optimized transfer of torque and power
    - Elimination of Fretting
    - Components can be optimized in terms of weight and dimension
    - No extra parts needed
    - New materials can be combined for forthcoming innovative light weight designs
    - Simple assembly process
    - Optimized Price-Performance-Ratio

    - GRIPCOAT® Direct

  • Tribology Solutions

    Bearing replacement, low friction, wear & corrosion resistant coatings
    - Quality and performance increase for higher reliability
    - Elimination of fretting
    - New material and design possibilities
    - Weight reduction, simplified assembly and gaining construction space
    - Coating of geometrical complex components and boreholes

    - SYNTHEC®
    - BIGENDCOAT,100,en.html

  • Noise Reduction Solutions

    Coatings for defined backlash and NVH optimization
    - Simple, quick and precise adjustment of gear backlash
    - No expensive machines needed
    - Reduced friction

    - ADAPTOCOAT®,100,en.html

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