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CAPRI SysTec Ltd

CAPRI SysTec Ltd

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WV58BZ Wolverhampton
United Kingdom

CAPRI SysTec are the UK Distributor for ViscoTec Pumpen u Dosiertechnik GmbH.
Germany's leading "Endless Piston" dosing systems manufacturer.
ViscoTec systems are used across all modern manufacturing industries with the main emphasis on Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics.
We have particular expertise in the field of notoriously difficult to handle, highly filled & highly abrasive Adhesives & Sealants and Thermal Paste's


  • 2-component Dispenser ViscoDuo-VM

    The 2-component dispenser ViscoDuo-VM is a valveless dosing system for
    static mixing applications based on the proven progressive cavity technology.
    The product is well suited for highly accurate dosing processes by its
    volumetrically precise dosing principle. With the series ViscoDuo-VM users
    get access to a newly developed modular component structure with the
    possibility of 2-component dosing system-confi guration, maintenance and
    parts replacement at module level. An enhanced pump connection principle
    and a dedicated mounting kit for front side mounting allow easy and
    precise installation into production lines. The selected mixing head geometry
    allows a direct connection of the dispenser to the mixing head and guarantees
    with minimized dead space a maximum of process accuracy. The
    components to be mixed are dosed purely volumetrically and directly from
    the dispenser via the mixing head into the static mixing tube. The mixing
    of material components is carried out downstream of the mixing head in
    the mixing tube only. Thus, the risk of material curing in the mixing head is
    eliminated. The dispensers are based on the ViscoTec RD-EC type with the
    performance features for easy cleaning (Easy Clean) and enhanced access
    to the pump interior.

    • purely volumetric dosing principle with constant dosing volume even with varying viscosity and material density
    e.g. during lot of changes
    • processing of low up to high-viscosity materials, also from low up to high fi lling rates
    • dispenser and mixing head segments able to be combined in size by modular component structure
    • standard confi guration of the mixing head segments with pressure sensors for online process monitoring, sensors
    are integrated dead space free
    • easy assembly / disassembly of the components by newly developed pump connection principle
    • selection of mechanical mixer interfaces according to process requirements
    • accurate dosing process with direct linearity of dispenser speed and dosing volume
    • programmable setting of mixing ratio, dosing rate and dispensing volume via speed control of the dispenser,
    programmable suck back option

  • 2-component Dispenser ViscoDuo-P 4/4

    The 2-component dosing system ViscoDuo-P 4/4 is a valveless, static, space saving mixing
    head with dispensers located directly in front of the mixer. Especially developed for
    simplifi ed cleaning (Easy Clean) and maintenance. In the mixing head no valves are
    required. The components to be mixed are dosed by volume only and with no dead
    space into the static mixer.

    • processing of viscous materials unfi lled or very high fi ller content
    • only low supply pressure required for material feed
    • adjustment of the desired mixing ratio by adjusting the speed ratio of both
    • integrated sensors in each component (no dead space) for online process monitoring
    • reverse-fl ow possible (no dripping or stringing of product)
    • linear relation between speed and dosing quantity
    • constant dosing volume, even with density or viscosity changes due to temperature
    fl uctuations or batch change
    • simple programming of volume and dosing speed

Product news

  • Semi-automated shimming in the aviation industry

    Guaranteed functionality for structural elements bonding like fuselage or tail unit


  • ViscoTec dosing solutions at Advanced Engineering 2016

    ViscoTec focus at aerospace
    As an expert for dosing technology ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik focuses primarily on challenging dosing applications in various industries. Due to complex requirements of materials used in aerospace industry, applications in this sector are in general extremely demanding. Different viscosities, thixotropic properties and a high share of solids require a very gentle handling of the applied materials. Particularly fluids filled with polymeric or glass microspheres to reduce their density and weight come along with one of the most challenging properties: Compressibility.


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