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Carbodeon Ltd Oy

Carbodeon Ltd Oy

Stand L73

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01510 VANTAA

Carbodeon manufactures uDiamond(R) NanoDiamond additives containing dispersed nanoscale diamond particles. These include additives for nickel, electroless nickel and chrome plating, and additives for coatings such as PTFE or transparent wear resistant coatings used in electronics and optics. Nanodiamond material significantly enhances wear, tribological and low friction properties.

Nanodiamond material can also be used to enhance other poylmer properties including thermal conductivity of various interface materials and polymer heat sinks.


  • uDiamond additives for enhancing polymer thermal or mechanical properties

    uDiamond additives can be formulated / compounded into polymers for a variety of applications:
    Boosting the thermal conductivity of interface materials & heat sinks without compromise to electrical isolation
    Enhancing the high temperature limits of operation
    Enhancing abrasion resistance, strength and stiffness of a variety of thermosets and thermoplastics.

  • uDiamond Coatings Additives

    uDiamond additives to improve the wear resistance and low friction properties of PTFE and other fluoropolymer coatings, as well as various coatings used throughout industry, including transparent wear resistant coatings for electronics or optics applications.

  • uDiamond Plating additives for Nickel, EN & Chrome

    uDiamond plating additives for electroless nickel and other plating processes available to increase the wear resistance and low friction properties of metal plating without compromise to corrosion resistance, ductility etc.

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