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We are an industrial glove manufacturer from Japan. Our history is about 70 years. Never satisfied, Towa Corporation continues to develop new types of gloves and technologies. Towa Corporation remains true to its roots by putting the user first; a philosophy that made Towa Corporation into what it is today and, is reflected in its slogan; Design and Performance that work.


  • AirexDry™

    AirexDry™ is proudly released with SMART™ liner technology with innovative moisture sensitive fibres. Coated with breathable nitrile in a cool, recognizable blue design. AirexDry™ is durable, yet offers all around breathability with a single MicroFinish® coating. Approved by Sanitized AG with the original formula, AirexDry™ promises ultimate freshness and ensures 100% safety for the skin. AirexDry™ is also REACH compliant.

    Be SMART™ with AirexDry™
    Towa’s brand new Super Moisture Absorbent & Reduction Textile, or simply SMART™ liners absorb and evaporate moisture at a faster rate, while offering a fresh feeling. Patent pending SMART™ technology eliminates uncomfortable feelings and assures maximum comfort in many work situations.

    Feel the Maximum Comfort and Breathability
    To maximize the performance, AirexDry™ features with the original single MicroFinish® coating, making AirexDry™ all around breathable for maximum airflow.

    Genuine MicroFinish®
    The grip performance of MicroFinish® is created by flexible compound filled with thousands of microscopic pockets to create a vacuum which disperses fluids and allows the entire grip surface to make clean contact with the objects.

    Fresh and Clean with Trusted Sanitized®
    Becoming an official partner of Sanitized AG, Towa proudly offers AirexDry™ with the original patented formula to bring absolute freshness to AirexDry™

    A 13-gauge seamless liner and ergonomic design assure a maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue.

    US. Pat.No. 8,387,167
    EP Pat.No. 2143551

  • ActivGrip™ Advance

    ActivGrip™ Advance takes Towa's already impressive line of premium industrial gloves a step further into the future.
    The Advance is specifically designed to provide maximum "all-around" performance for slippery-grip applications in non-hazardous chemical environments. The 13-gauge seamless nylon liner and "open back styling" provide excellent coolness and flexibility, which minimize hand fatigue, thus increasing productivity. A soft yet durable nitrile coating technology adheres to virtually any dry or slippery surface.

    Oil Resistant
    Unlike similar gloves available in the market, ActivGrip™ Advance offers more promising protection to oil penetration. Double coated surface keeps hands clean for oily material handling

    With MicroFinish® technology, the Advance promises its performance under dry, wet, and oily conditions.

    A 13-gauge seamless liner and ergonomic design assure a maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue

    US. Pat.No. 8,387,167
    EP Pat.No. 2143551

    Overdip Technology:
    U.S. Pat.No. 8,302,215
    EP Pat.No. 2253234

  • ActivGrip™ Omega Max

    The highest protection model of the series. Using the HPPE fibre technology, ActivGrip™ Omega Max achieves the highest performance level in cut resistance according to European Standards. In addition, ActivGrip™ Omega Max is designed for maximum liquid proof protection, 360°. Combined with the liquid proof palm and MicroFinish® grip technology, ActivGrip™ Omega Max is ideal for the most extreme tasks and where true reliability of the performance is needed.

    Omega Max:
    U.S. Pat. P No. 29/525,060
    EP No. 2685651-0003

    Maximum Performance
    A lightweight 13-gauge seamless HPPE liner and ergonomic design assures maximum comfort without decreasing the dexterity. The engineered design guarantees the maximum performance without fatigue.

    Maximum Safety
    With using HPPE fibre, ActivGrip™ Omega Max offers the highest possible cut resistant protection according to European CE Standards. Fingers are double coated to bring ActivGrip™ Omega Max to the highest level of safety without losing performance, durability and dexterity.

    Liquid proof Palm & Back
    The double coated palm surface and coated back keep hands clean and prevents any liquids from outside. ActivGrip™ Omega Max combines maximum performance with hygiene for the ultimate protection of the user's hands.

    Grip Performance
    Towa's original MicroFinish® technology offers the best grip in the industry in dry, wet and oily conditions.


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