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KABELSCHLEPP Metool - renown for quality and engineering precision - for well over 40 years – are part of the global Tsubaki Group. We cover any CABLE CARRIER size and application requirement you may have.

From KABELSCHLEPP Metool you can source all your carrier requirements –

• PLASTIC – quiet, lightweight and economical

• HD PLASTIC – robust and reliable

• PLASTIC HYBRID – lightweight, strong and modular

• STEEL AND STAINLESS STEEL - robust and stable

• CABLES AND ASSESSORIES – all fully compatible

• TOTALTRAX – Carrier systems supplied fully loomed shipped to your door! Chain and cable – plug and play.

Whatever you require from a carrier – we are here to help.

All our carriers are interchangeable with any other make.

We aim to ensure that our products and services meet and exceed your current supply.

We will look forward to being of service.




    Steel cable carriers – solutions for extreme applications
    Robust design for heavy mechanical loads

    High additional loads and long unsupported lengths possible
    Best suited for extreme and particular environmental influences

  • Uniflex - Advanced

    UNIFLEX Advanced

    Light, quiet all-rounder for wide range of applications
    Noise-optimized for quiet operation
    Designs with inward or outward opening or non-opening crossbars available
    Crossbars fast and easy to open due to ball joint hinge mechanism
    Dividers movable or fixed in place
    Long unsupported lengths
    Various cavity partitioning options for the cables


    Way wipers on guideways

    Way Wipers are essential to keep the guideways in a proper functional state, and thus to keep the machine tool permanently in operation.

    Way wiper BA and BAS
    Harnessed way wipers – proven in millions of applications

    Available in a wide variety of shapes, harnessed according to your specifications,



    Cable carriers for 3D movements

    Ideal for use on jointed and swivel arm robots
    Easy laying by simply pressing in the cables
    With channel system, it is a universal solution for rotary applications



    Cable carriers with variable chain widths

    Aluminium or plastic stays
    Aluminium stays in 1 mm width sections are available
    Inside and outside easy and quick to open
    Light, robust or link-free series – a suitable solution for every application


    Scraper conveyors - For disposal of small materials

    Frequently used for machining of non-ferrous metals
    Can also be used for very hard, short chips
    Casting chips, milling chips and sawing chips


    Cables for Motion

    TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP electrical cables were specially developed, optimized and tested for use in cable carrier systems.

    Even in the most exacting application conditions, they provide the reliability that matters – and at reasonable prices.

    PVC PUR POWER CONTROL BUS DATA are all in our range


    TOTALTRAX Turn-Key Systems

    Under the name TOTALTRAX TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP supplies complete, fully-harnessed cable carrier systems. According to our customers’ requirements we can supply harnessed cable carriers with the cables already inserted up to a full complex system.



    Extremely quick cable installation

    Very fast cable installation by simply drawing the cables into the carrier
    Very high cavity utilization due to innovative forward flexing crossbar design
    Reinforced sideband for added strength
    Extensive long unsupported lengths
    Very quiet – integrated noise dampening system
    Allows for high travel speeds



    Light, quiet, low-vibration for high speeds and accelerations

    Suitable for clean room environments
    Allows for high acceleration and high travel speeds
    Long service life – no link pins to wear out
    Flexible design for 3D movement:
    can accept lateral as well as twisting movements of ± 30 degrees
    Linkless design: sidebands made of extruded material

  • M Series

    M Series

    Versatile cable carrier with extensive
    accessories and frame stay variants

    The robust and versatile all-rounder
    Various separation options
    Large selection of frame stay systems
    Ideal for fast, gliding applications:
    Replaceable glide shoes made of highly
    wear-resistant special plastic material
    Plastic or aluminum covers available



    Closed designer cable carrier
    Attractive appearance owing to high-grade steel brackets and fiberglass reinforced polyamide frame
    Very well sealed design
    With protective straps ideal for hot chips
    Optimum protection

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