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RAPRA is the leading non-profit membership association offering impartial specialist support to the whole of Industry through a network of world class technical centres.

If you have any technical issue involving plastics, rubbers or any other type of polymer, including their use with other materials as components of complex assemblies, our Polymer Helpdesk service will be able to help.

This high quality fast and efficient service, initially developed for members, has won acclaim from many industry sectors who have initially used it for FREE.

Why not save your valuable time and money, while reducing risk significantly by submitting your requirements at


  • RAPRA Polymer Helpdesk - all your technical materials issues, SOLVED.

    RAPRA’s Technical Support Network is made up of top class commercial facilities that have been personally recommended by our members, universities that are working on some the country’s leading edge materials research, relevant government agencies and trade associations. This unique network enables RAPRA to put industry in touch with some of the best facilities in the country, quickly and efficiently dealing with the issues that affect them today.

    In a dynamic and challenging business environment, our clients are finding that using RAPRA’s Polymer Helpdesk minimises the risks and costs involved with finding the best outsourced solutions to their materials related technical problems and R & D issues. When under pressure to find an answer that fully meets its company’s needs, the last thing our clients want is to spend hours on the internet, or scouring directories, coming up with a list of possible facilities and then having to spend time contacting them, only to find that they are not suitable for a variety of reasons.

    Using its comprehensive knowledge and understanding of trusted solution providers, RAPRA takes a client’s – Member or Non-Member – enquiry and selects the best available facility that will match those requirements. These enquiries may be a failure of product issue, a material selection enquiry, finding a replacement material or additive because of new regulations/legislation, or a wide variety of other reasons.

    By using the Polymer Helpdesk our clients can rest assured that they will be put in touch with a top class facility, normally within 24 hours, which will understand their issue and strive to provide a first rate, prompt, cost effective solution to their issue.

    Our Polymer Network does not only serve clients when there are problems, we can work with industry pro-actively along with our Technical Support Network to create solutions to ongoing R & D, improve current activity and ultimately help to prevent issues occurring in the future.

    If you have an issue or an R & D request, why not try our Polymer Helpdesk and be connected to the very best network in the country today. Remember, you don't have to be a RAPRA Member, but we hope you'll be so impressed..... you soon will be!

  • RAPRA Corporate Membership - The ONLY technical support service you'll need

    The Rubber & Plastics Research Association (RAPRA) has always adopted an approach that is highly responsive to the immediate and longer term technical support needs of its member companies. We understand the type of service that would be of greatest value, because we have decades of experience gained by assisting a diverse range of industry sectors.

    First and foremost, we help companies by helping the individuals that contact us. In addition to satisfying technical support requirements, we are determined to provide the highest possible customer service. We are acutely aware that the people we serve may be subject to a number of related pressures that make their task much more complex.

    We firmly believe that clear, concise and continuous communication is the highest priority. Whether RAPRA is working with you on a priority unforeseen issue, or a planned medium/ long term R&D project, we make sure you know exactly what stage the work has reached, and what will happen next.

    In contrast to wholly commercial organisations, RAPRA as a non-profit body, is bound by its constitution to put every resource at its disposal to foster, support and improve the R&D capabilities of its member companies and, to a limited extent, do the same for wider industry.

    Capturing the knowledge and experience of our member companies has provided RAPRA with a unique insight into the particular strengths and specialisms of the commercial facilities in our support network. This allows RAPRA to manage requests for technical support totally confident that we are referring the work to the best available facility.

    We have long recognised that our members expect – and deserve – to see a tangible return on investment for their annual fee. It is therefore our responsibility at RAPRA to always respond to this challenge.

    Think of the RAPRA personnel as your additional staff, always on call and ready to assist you with any technical support, with none of the normally associated overheads.

    RAPRA has no shareholders and receives no regular Government funding. Because we funded by members from a wide cross-section of Industry, we work as hard as we can to meet the technical support requirements of those businesses.

    Please visit our website if you want to learn more or to join.

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