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Laser Trader Ltd

Laser Trader Ltd

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S426TD Chesterfield,
United Kingdom

Laser Trader is the UK & Ireland distributor for both Precitec GmbH & Co. KG and PRIMES GmbH. Precitec is a world renown specialist supplier of highly sophisticated laser systems for material processing. Laser processing heads are available for all types of laser source CO2, Nd:YAG, fibre, disk and diode lasers. In addition to this Precitec supply online process monitoring systems for monitoring laser welding processes. PRIMES have over 20 years experience in the development of diagnostic solutions for laser technology. Their focus lies on measuring devices for the characterization of CO2, solid state, fiber, disk and diode lasers used for material processing and scientific applications. The applications range from micro processing to heavy industry. Laser Trader have a well stocked engineering stores and we hold many spare parts that can be dispatched for next day delivery. We can supply lenses, mirror and most laser consumable for most makes of system. We are now the UK & Ireland Distributor for Tesla Electron Tube who manufacture water cooled triode valves that are used in CO2 HF Generators – please visit us to discuss your requirements.


  • PRIMES PowerMeasuringCube (NEW)

    A New, Compact Measuring Device
    The Cube is a new, efficient laser power measuring device in the PRIMES product family. It is intended for ballistic laser power measurements and can be used for NIR lasers with a power range between 25 W and 8 kW. The device enables the monitoring of beam power in the daily operation. Due to its compact design (60 x 65 x 65 mm), the Cube can also carry out power measurements in very confined spaces of complex laser material processing systems.

  • Precitec Coaxial Laser Cladding Head (NEW)

    The New Precitec CoaxCladder processing head allows complete direction-independent laser cladding with wire. Based on a unique ring-shaped beam shape and a coaxial wire feeding system for the filler material, the wire is fused homogeneously from all directions. In comparison to laser cladding with powder, a very high efficiency is possible as none of the filler materiel is wasted. This new head can be used in a wide field of applications such as repair of high value components. The head includes water cooling and a cross-jet to reduce the spatter reaching the protective window. All usual laser types can be used with this head.

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