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Meech International

Meech International

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OX290YN Oxfordshire
United Kingdom

Based in Witney Oxfordshire with sales and marketing offices in the USA, Belgium, China, Hungary and India and a network of distributors worldwide, Meech International is a specialist developer and manufacturer of electrostatic and contamination control systems.

The Meech product range is organised into 3 key groupings:

• Static Control Equipment for industrial and cleanroom environments
• Contact and Non-Contact Web Cleaner systems
• Energy efficient Compressed Air Technology

These products are used extensively within a wide range of sectors including the Print Industry where problems due to static electricity and contamination are numerous. Meech products are designed to combat a variety of Issues, including Ink Spidering/webbing, operator shocks and dust attraction.

Meech strives to develop premium quality products while offering the highest level of customer service. This ethos is supported by an in-depth knowledge of client’s application requirements, and a team of trained and experienced staff, ensuring that technical proficiency is maintained to the highest level.


  • 971IPS Hyperion Static Elimination Bar

    The Hyperion 971IPS is the latest in the Hyperion range of Pulsed DC bars from Meech. Powered by 24V DC, the 971IPS features an Integral 15KV Pulsed DC controller and provides excellent long-range ionisation in an easy to install package.

    The 971IPS is a development of the very successful 971, launched in 2012. Utilising the same profile and emitter design, the new bar gives the customer the option of simple installation without the need for high voltage cabling.

    For more demanding applications, the integrated air-boost can be used to increase its capability.

  • CyClean™ Non-Contact Web Cleaning System

    The Meech CyClean™ has been designed in response to increased demand for a compact, high performance, non-contact web cleaning system.

    Through the application of advanced computational fluid dynamics, Meech has optimised the cleaning efficiency of CyClean to remove and extract contamination to below 1 micron.

    A CyClean system comprises three main components; the cleaning head, active static control and an Air Handling Unit (AHU).

  • 929IPS Hyperion Mid-Range Pulsed DC Ionising Bar

    The Hyperion 929IPS is a compact pulsed DC ionising bar with Integrated Power Supply (IPS). Powered by 24VDC, the 929IPS delivers powerful ionisation for close to midrange applications.

    The need for powerful ionisation to cope with modern fast machinery is answered by the Hyperion 929IPS. Compact dimensions of just 26 x 43mm makes it easy to install on printing and converting machinery.

  • TakClean™ Contact Web Cleaning System

    The Meech TakClean contact web cleaning system is designed primarily for use in the label and narrow web markets to remove dry, unbonded contamination from a moving web efficiently.

    TakClean incorporates the specially formulated TransTak elastomer contact cleaning rollers and perforated adhesive rolls which, combined, make TakClean the ultimate elastomer based web cleaning machine.

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