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Direct Tool Company

Direct Tool Company

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SO529DF Southampton
United Kingdom

Welcome to Direct Tool Company - a specialist supplier of tools and consumables to the marine, GRP and composites industries.

Based in Southampton, UK, we have been established for over 20 years and have built a strong reputation for reliable customer service and after sales support. We have many long standing customers and continue to expand our client base throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Our catalogue brings together a unique range of products specially selected to meet the requirements of our customers in these industries.



    Long Mask
    The specific formulation of the T9 tape allows it to be used perfectly even in overlapping and with masking paper or film applied. The tape can be used over longer periods of masking and leaves no adhesive residue or tears when removed.

    High Performance
    A top quality masking tape offering a superior hold even through repeat bake cycles. Its bright yellow colour enables a clear contrast with application areas making positioning easier. The T9 tape gives an excellent paint line and is heat resistant up to 120° (30 min).

    Water proof
    The T9 offers excellent performance with traditional solvent based and water based paints and thanks to its water resistant properties can be used when wet sanding. It is also resistant to thinners.


    Easy application
    Excellent overflow
    Excellent gloss
    Quick drying - 15min @ 60˚C
    Can be polished immediately
    after cooling
    High durability
    Resistant to yellowing
    Compliant to voc420


    Technically advanced materials provides market leading features:

    - 30% more breathable than Tyvek

    - 80% less liquid penetration than Tyvek

    Excellent breathability and comfort

    Superior protection Type 5/6


    Anest Iwata W400 Bellaria Spray Gun is the new and improved version of the W400. "Bellaria" literally translates as "Beautiful Air" in Italian. This improved version of the W400 has further improved the outstanding LV2 air cap by introducing two unique new air caps with Flat & Thin™ technology.

    With no baffles or seals required there are less parts to go wrong and need replacing. Combine this with such a low cfm air usage and you have one of the most economical spray guns on the market.

    Only 250/270 litres/min air consumption, giving the sprayer an excellent control of the fluid build
    Stable, large and compact pattern shape
    Perfect for Clear Coat HS
    Other features include

    Fluid passages in stainless steel
    Adjustable TEFLON needle-packing
    One valve for fluid and air
    Responsive Trigger action
    Twilight chrome plated body

  • Orbis Pro Cordless Polisher Kit

    Unique cordless tool for mobile applications
    Compact and versatile
    Variable speed 1300-3800 rpm
    2 x 18V Lithium batteries
    1 x 90 min charger

  • BEST Products - Superior Quality Industrial Refinishing Consumables

    Through working closely with a wide range of customers that work with refinishing products, BEST Products deliver high quality alternatives to the market leading brands at the right price.

    The BEST Products mission: develop products that the user wants to use and the buyer wants to buy. We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver high quality alternatives to the market leading brands at the right price.

    Direct Tool Company owns sole distribution rights to BEST Products. Click below to see the range-

Product news

  • Direct Tool Company announces plans for the installation of a world class environmental cleaning system for luxury yacht builder

    Direct Tool Company is pleased to announce that the company has been selected to install a cutting edge dust extraction/environmental protection system for top yacht builder Sunseeker International.

    Combating the incessant air handling issue is crucial to ensuring consistent results and with an increase in production, Sunseeker chose Direct Tool Company as the prime consulting and contracting firm because of their in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.

    “Sunseeker is one of our most valued customers and we are extremely delighted to be working with them on this very important project “ said Tim Wakeford, Managing Director of Direct Tool Company. “Yacht building procedures such as sanding, grinding and abrasive blasting all produce vast quantities of air pollutants which negatively affect visibility, safety and workshop efficiency as well as employee morale” he added.

    Alongside the primary objective of dust extraction, the innovative heat recovery solution will recover tremendous amounts of lost energy. As warm polluted air is cleaned and removed by means of the dust extraction equipment, heat is captured and recycled to warm the incoming clean air which consequently reduces the load on the building’s heating system. This in turn leads to curtailed energy bills and the critical carbon footprint.

    “Although our roots stem from the distribution of tools, consumables and coatings, we are quickly expanding our expertise into innovative workshop extraction solutions for the marine, carbon fibre and composites industry,” added Mr Wakeford.

    About Sunseeker International:
    Sunseeker International is a British luxury motor yacht manufacturer. Its headquarters and main assembly facility is in Poole Harbour, at Poole in Dorset, England. The company has been making motor boats since 1969. Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda purchased the company in 2013. It is the largest UK-based luxury yacht maker measured by 2012 revenues.

    About Direct Tool Company:
    Direct Tool Company is a 26 year old family owned provider of tools, consumables, equipment and consultative services with a vision of becoming the leading workshop solutions provider to the automotive, marine and industrial workshop industry.

  • Complex Commercial Spray Booth Project Carried out by Direct Tool Company for Thriving Train Maintenance Workshop

    Arlington Fleet Services Ltd steps up operation with world class paint shop facility allowing for full livery schemes to be executed.
    Southampton, August 26, 2016: Direct Tool Company completes installation of commercial spray booths for progressive train refinishing and repairs company Arlington Fleet Services Ltd.

    Having supplied tools, consumables and coatings to Arlington since 2010 Direct Tool Company (better known as DTC) were selected as the sole consulting firm to carry out this bespoke spray booth installation project.

    The assignment entailed the procurement and installation of two significant commercial spray booths in line with complex health and safety, environmental and fire safety legislation.

    “Direct Tool Company were quick to deliver this challenging, involved project set before them. The copious legislative complications affirmed to me that expert consul was vital to succeed on budget and to schedule” said Barry Stephens, Managing Director of Arlington Fleet Services.

    In brief DTC sourced reconditioned spray booths equipped with dry filter extraction in conjunction with direct-fired heating powered through means of a gas burner. High level lighting and insulated electric roller shutter doors allowed for optimum performance and practicality, whilst explosion relief paneling and air re-circulation system secured safety of staff. Advanced Magnehelic pressure monitoring and push button controls were also incorporated granting even greater safety precautions.

    “This is another project completed on budget and on time and we’re delighted to hear Barry’s pleased with the result. Having successfully supplied, delivered, erected, wired and commissioned the two spray booths we have gained more insight into the rail vehicle industry and are now already handling similar enquiries from similar firms” said Tim Wakeford, Managing Director of Direct Tool Company.

    In only 9 days DTC were able to supply, deliver, erect and commission the two commercial spray booths curtailing any disruption to Arlington’s operation. The completion of this fully equipped paint shop has armed Arlington with the ability to conduct full livery schemes both large and small.

    About Arlington Fleet Services Ltd:

    There is no job too big or small for Arlington’s well equipped, experienced and expert team. Founded in 2004 Arlington is a railway rolling stock maintenance company based in the railworks in Eastleigh.

    Formed by a collation of experienced railway engineering professionals who extended their careers to embrace the enterprise. Arlington Fleet Services is made up of two core elements, a mobile system and depot/works based system now equipped with a paint shop allowing for full livery schemes to be carried out.

    About Direct Tool Company:

    Direct Tool Company is a 26 year old family owned provider of tools, consumables, equipment and consultative services with a vision of becoming the leading workshop solutions provider to the automotive, marine and industrial workshop industry.

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