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Plastic Coatings Limited

Plastic Coatings Limited

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For more than sixty years Plastic Coatings Ltd has been the leading coating specialist, focused on world class solutions & services.

We offer the widest range of coating materials including Thermoset & Thermoplastic Polymers, Fluoropolymers, Electrophoretic or E-Coat Paint, Primers and more.


  • Thermoplastic Powder Coating

    The spraying of Thermoplastic Powders as opposed to the more common Electrostatic spraying of Epoxys and Polyesters also known as Thermoset materials (Powder Coating), is a speciality at Plastic Coatings.

    Using a similar process to Powder coating, charged Thermoplastic Powder particles are sprayed onto metalwork hanging on an earthed conveyor track.

    However the next stage is to melt the plastic powder particles onto the metalwork rather that ‘cure’ them as in powder coating.

    The benefit is to be able to plastic coat work, with all the features that entails, which is usually too big or too fragile to be dip coated.

    Coating materials used are the PPA ® 571 ES range and Electrostatic Nylon 11 (Rilsan ®).

  • Fastener Coating Service

    PTFE coating also known as Teflon ®, Xylan ®, Fluoroplastic or Fluorocarbon coating, is normally applied to components where a non-stick, dry lubricant or low friction coating is required.

    Plastic Coatings offer a 24 hour coating service on fasteners, at no extra cost!

    The resulting coating is then oven baked to give a dry film thickness in the region of 15 microns to 35 microns depending upon the number of coats.

  • Plastic Coating

    The dipping of metal components into Thermoplastic powders or, Fluidised Bed dipping, as it is sometimes known, is the oldest form of plastic coating and goes back to the time when Plastic Coatings was established in 1952.

    Thermoplastic coating material is ground into a fine powder and kept in a steel box (Fluid Bed) open at the top and with a fine gauze across the bottom, fine enough not to let the powder particles through. Air is then introduced up through the gauze which makes the powder particles rise and act like a box of fluid, hence 'Fluidised Bed'.

    Coating materials used can be Low Density Polyethylene, the PPA ® range, Talisman ®, Deconyl ® Nylon 11 (Rilsan ®) and Vyflex ® PVC.

  • High Performance and PTFE Coatings

    The High Performance section of Plastic Coatings applies PTFE coatings. PTFE or PolyTetraFluoroEthylene has very unique properties.

    PTFE coating also known as Teflon ®, Xylan ®, Fluoroplastic or Fluorocarbon coating, is normally applied to components where a non-stick, dry lubricant or low friction coating is required.

    Customer’s work is usually prepared by degreasing and gritblasting prior to being wet sprayed with a PTFE coating which is in the form of a liquid dispersion containing varying proportions of PTFE, Resin and other ingredients.

  • Electrophoretic Paint (E-coat)

    Economical and Corrosion Resistant Finishes

    E-Coat, EP Paint, ElectropaintE-Coat, EP Paint, Electropaint, known by various names, has become established in recent years as an economical and corrosion resistant finish on its own or as a primer.

    Predominantly used in the Automotive market for under bonnet and passenger compartment components it is a Black Paint finish with a uniform thickness ranging from 18 microns up to 30 microns.

    It is a complete submersion coating process applied very much as a plating is applied starting with degreasing and zinc phosphating.

  • Powder Coating

    Experts in Electrostatic Powder Coating

    Plastic Coatings Ltd have been powder coaters for over 40 years, which is about as long as the technology of powder coating has been commercialised. We consider ourselves to be specialists in electrostatic powder coating application and we currently have six powder coating facilities. The flexibility of these six lines combined with our in-house pre-treatment and our fleet of HGV’s means that we can offer competitive prices and fast turnaround on anything from a one-off item or a small batch to large scale mass production.

    Plastic Coatings Ltd are the powder coater of choice into a range of industries and markets including Automotive, Aerospace, Domestic, Medical & construction. Our ability to support these industries is demonstrated through our ISO 9001 & TS 16949 approvals through Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance (LRQA).

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