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Air Products PLC

Air Products PLC

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For over 50 years, Air Products has offered industrial gases, gas atmospheres & technical support to help manufacturers & their suppliers improve product quality, reduce operating costs & increase production.
Our extensive capabilities for the automotive & aerospace industries help our customers succeed in this competitive environment that demands consistent high quality & value.
Air Products continues to develop products, services & technologies to meet the industry's ever changing needs.
At Advanced Engineering 2016 our applications experts are ready to talk to you. They bring vast knowledge and experience in applying gases to metal processing, metal fabrication & thermal spray cooling solutions.
Come and speak to our specialists for expert advice.


  • Heat treating

    We understand the challenges you’re facing, from maximising uptime, lowering costs, increasing throughput, improving quality and meeting customers’ specifications. With over 50 years' of heat treating experience, we’re here to help you.
    Visit our webpage & select your application below for a list of available offerings designed to help you improve your operations.

  • Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

    In the world of rapid prototyping and production of metal components it is imperative to have the proper, high-purity gas atmosphere to produce quality parts.
    To meet the high-tolerance standards required in additive manufacturing, argon and nitrogen are commonly used to provide inert atmospheres.
    An inert atmosphere provides numerous benefits on a printed part by:
    • Reducing oxidation of sintered parts by lowering the oxygen content during the printing process
    • Improving safety through the inerting of combustible dust during powder handling and sieving
    • Creating a stable printing environment by maintaining constant pressure in print chamber
    • Mitigating powder clumping in feed tube
    • Preventing part deformities by controlling thermal stress through gradual cooling


  • The Advanced Atmosphere Control System

    The innovative Advanced Atmosphere Control System from Air Products regulates the dew point (the amount of water moisture) for controlled heat treatment of metals in Hydrogen (H₂) or Nitrogen/Hydrogen (N₂/H₂) atmospheres.

    Key benefits:
    • Helps achieve a clean surface finish
    • Reduces product rejects due to decarburisation or oxidation
    • Designed for Air Products extended Beltlife technology
    • Low cost investment
    • Allows optimised gas flow control
    • Reduces sooting and maintenance of the furnace
    • Delivers long-term cost reductions
    • Easy to maintain with an Air Products calibration unit
    • Meets EN 746 guidelines & supports CQI-9 Standard


  • Thermal spray cooling technology

    Our patented thermal spray cooling technology uses cryogenic nitrogen vapour and an in-flight evaporating nitrogen aerosol spray. The system cools parts much faster than conventional air-cooled or carbon dioxide processes methods, while maintaining specified temperatures.
    Our technology can also help improve overall product quality – achieving high standard coatings in the most demanding of applications.

    And we offer the best solution for your needs:
    •Advanced Thermal Spray Cooling System with extra high-tech features; or
    •Standard Thermal Spray Cooling System for a cost effective solution.

    Main benefits:
    •Reduced costs
    •Minimal powder and gas waste
    •Increased speed
    •Enhanced temperature control
    •Improved product quality
    •Increased deposit efficiency

  • Experis® ISO 17025 accredited calibration mixtures

    Air Products’ Experis® gas range has been developed specifically for the analytical user and offers mixture stability, certification and traceability to meet even the most stringent analytical needs.
    Air Products’ comprehensive ISO 17025 accreditation scope is optimised to serve our customers in the environmental monitoring sector. It is now possible to source calibration gas mixtures containing all of the components NO, SO2, CO and CO2 in the same cylinder, certified by an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. This provides users with a number of important technical, safety, and cost benefits over more commonly available binary gas mixtures.
    •Multi-component mixtures
    • Certified by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories
    • For the most stringent analytical needs

  • Ferromaxx® 15: The reliable allrounder for carbon steel MAG welding.

    For faster, cleaner welding of steel, Ferromaxx® 15 is the reliable all-rounder for carbon steel MAG welding. Available in 300 bar cylinder.

  • Ferromaxx® 7: the thin steel specialist

    For faster, cleaner welding of steel, Ferromaxx® 7 is the thin and medium carbon steel specialist.
    Purpose-designed for MAG welding of carbon, carbon manganese and low-alloy steels, the Ferromaxx® gases give superb weld quality and excellent penetration, together with minimal spatter and low fume levels.

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