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JIM Engineering

JIM Engineering

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WA103DB St Helens
United Kingdom

JIM Engineering is a UK manufacturer of laboratory and industrial ovens that are widely used for many processes from drying, curing and annealing to materials testing, plastic forming and drum heating.

We have a ranges of standard sized ovens but have increasing expertise in bespoke manufacturing to user requirements. Capacities range from small bench-top up to 4000 litres or more.

We manufacture ovens with temperatures up to 500°C.

We can manufacture ovens with guillotine doors as well as hinged. Pass-through (doors front and back) ovens with roller track for heavy items have also been manufactured. In addition we have manufactured ovens for use with trolleys.

There are options for programming, cascade control, data capture and temperature controlled door interlocks.

If you have any oven requirement we look forward to meeting you on our stand O85.


  • Glassware Drying Cabinets

    Almost every laboratory has one of these - a glassware drying cabinet. These are also used for drying almost anything in the laboratory.

    These are available in three bench sizes and three floor sizes so there is bound to be one to suit you.

    Glassware drying cabinets are a standard item in many laboratories and we offer you a choice of no less than 7 different sizes from 113 litres up to 1300 litres. We also offer most models with air circulation for fast, even drying and optional thermostat control with overheat safety for those extra-special delicate products.

    For laboratories keen to reduce their carbon footprint three floor models are available with insulated walls and top to reduce the heat put into the atmosphere and therefore lowers electricity use.

    As well as drying wet glassware these cabinets can also be used, for example, to test electronic circuit boards at elevated temperatures.

  • Chilled / Cooled Incubators

    There are many laboratory applications that require a cooled incubator. However these applications usually require cooling to offset a high room temperature rather than needing to cool to 4°C fridge temperatures.

    This is why we supply a range of chilled incubators that have an operating range from about 15°C up to 70°C. By using a Peltier cooling system the compressor noise and vibration associated with traditional cooled incubators is virtually eliminated. The chamber is stainless steel and the shelves are adjustable.

    We also offer two ranges of full specification cooled incubators with a choice of plastic or stainless steel chambers.

    Standard models have capacities from 50 litres up to 500 litres. All have a digital temperature controller with overheat and/or under temperature product safety protection. Programmable temperature controllers are also available.

    We have also manufactured special enclosures to house temperature sensitive equipment of processes. These can be virtually any size or shape to suit the user requirements.

  • Mandrel Warming Ovens

    Over the last couple of years we have supplied several ovens for warming mandrels. The ovens were fitted with internal supports to keep the mandrels upright to aid rapid and even warming.

    The oven shown is about 2000 litres and well over 2 metres tall.

  • Two Ovens - One Oven

    This bespoke oven can be used as two separate ovens operating at different temperatures, and when the central divider is removed it becomes one oven! Other manufacturers said it could not be done. We proved them wrong!

    It is being used for curing small aircraft wing components as standard and larger parts with the central divider removed and a full width shelf fitted.

    There are four thermocouples to each side so that key places on the moulds can be temperature monitored and logged during the curing process.

    Control systems can be designed to meet or exceed the requirements of Nadcap, CQI-9 and AMS2750E.

  • General Purpose Ovens

    The JIM general purpose oven range covers many capacities from 10 litres to 350 litres. Temperatures up to 300°C are possible.

    The model shown is 240 litres and has a dual display digital controller with independent overheat safety cut-out. This particular one also benefits from lockable wheels so that it can be moved about the facility.

    The exterior is powder coated steel and the interior is aluminium coated steel although stainless steel is a popular alternative.

    Control systems can be designed to meet or exceed the requirements of Nadcap, CQI-9 and AMS2750E.

  • Pass Through Oven for use with Roller Conveyor

    These ovens are for siting in-line with roller track where heavy objects need to be dried. This model has manually raised doors but others that we have manufactured have used motorised doors. It is ideally suited to drying parts such as wheel hubs as part of fluoroscopy NDT testing.

    The stand supplied with this oven has adjustable height legs so that it can be levelled to meet with the height of the main roller track and take account of uneven floor finishes.

    It uses our standard digital control system with independent overheat safety protection. Control systems can be designed to meet or exceed the requirements of Nadcap, CQI-9 and AMS2750E.

  • 500°C High Temperature Ovens

    We manufacture 400°C and 500°C ovens in four standard sizes from 50 litres to 300 litres. They all have thick, high efficiency insulation and stainless steel interiors. Most models run from a standard 13 amp power supply. Bespoke sizes can also be manufactured.

    They are all fitted with a digital dual display temperature controller, a digital overheat safety protection system and heavy duty door furniture.

    Programmable controllers and data capture/graphical recorders are also available.

  • Drying and Curing Oven - dual purpose

    This oven was designed for two applications - drying products before further processing and curing. It is fitted with a moisture extraction unit to aid the removal of moisture and fumes. It has a maximum temperature of 325°C and fitted with three shelves it was a cost-effective solution to this customer's needs.

    Control systems can be designed to meet or exceed the requirements of Nadcap, CQI-9 and AMS2750E.

    Traceable calibration and mapping to UKAS is always an option.

  • Composites Curing Oven

    This oven was designed specially for curing composites using a cascade control system that achieves product temperature in the shortest time without any overheating. This particular oven boasts stainless steel chamber and shelves that can take loads of up to 250kG each.

    Product protection was considered a high priority so all control and safety systems were individually calibrated and traceable to UKAS standards. Control systems can be designed to meet or exceed the requirements of Nadcap, CQI-9 and AMS2750E.

    Convenient user access height was also important so the oven was supplied with a heavy duty stand to raise it above floor height.

Product news

  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring/Logging/Alarm System

    This new wireless temperature monitoring system will also log the temperature information from up to 50 or more sensors. The loggers will keep logging using their internal memory when connection to the receiver station is lost; once signal is restored the data is seamlessly linked to the main data store on your PC or tablet. Out of limit alarms are indicated locally both audibly and visually and SMS alert messages can be sent to anywhere in the world!

    There are two systems available - one that is for a general laboratory with data stored locally, and another cloud based system that stores data on one of three secure servers, with access available at any time from anywhere.

    Sensors are available to cover the range from -196°C to +850°C. Sensors for humidity are also available. Systems are fully customisable to suit almost any application, even multi-centre set ups.

    These are cost effective solutions to the continual problem of safe and reliable data monitoring with alarms and graphical printouts available.

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