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Intellectual property (IP) including patents, trade marks and designs is vitally important to a 21st century engineering company. Beck Greener specialises in IP and can help you protect and maximise your R&D investment in this area.

We are a London-based firm of patent, trade mark and design attorneys. Alongside filing and prosecuting your patent, trade mark and design applications, the firm can provide you with advice, information and assistance relating to all aspects of registered and unregistered intellectual property (IP).

Beck Greener has a large Engineering patents group with a wealth of experience in a wide range of engineering fields including chemical engineering, hi-tech engineering, electronic engineering, software engineering, light and heavy mechanical engineering. We draft and prosecute patent applications in a wide range of product areas including optics, communications, semiconductor electronics, appliances and electrical and mechanical devices and oil exploration products and processes.

We have an Electronics, Physics and Software team of highly experienced attorneys acting for clients in areas such as consumer electronics, household consumer devices, communications, computer hardware and software, high performance computing, computer security and malware protection, hard disk drive testing equipment, microchips, networking solutions, automotive, aerospace, audio visual media equipment and medical physics.

The team has a number of people with direct industry experience in various engineering fields. This means that the approach our attorneys take is supported by an understanding of engineering and the development process in the real world.

We advise a wide range of clients from start-ups and SMEs to global multinationals both in the UK and worldwide. We also work with hi-tech companies and universities including technology transfer companies.

The firm’s large number of longstanding clients bears testament to the strength of its client service and technical expertise.


  • Free Intellectual Property (IP) Advice on Beck Greener’s Stand A9 Automotive Section

    Beck Greener are exhibiting at Advanced Engineering 2016. Come and see us at stand A9 in the automotive section where Partners Avi Freeman, Jonathan Markham and James Stones will be on hand to answer any intellectual property (IP) questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at stand A9.

  • Patents

    Although the laws governing what can and cannot be patented are complex, the simple principle is that patents protect inventions; that is to say, innovations with a technical content.
    Patent protection in Europe can be obtained by filing either a European patent application, or separate national patent applications. The laws are and procedures governing both are broadly similar, but practical differences may mean that one route may be more suitable than the other. We will always advise which route is likely to be more advantageous.
    The firm advises on inventions, patent applications and patents. This includes patent prosecution, maintenance, enforcement, patent infringement negotiations and litigation.
    Our patent attorneys work across all technical fields. Clients benefit from particular strength in chemistry and on the electronics, engineering and hi-tech side, including computer hardware and software. The patent team has considerable experience and understanding, not only of research, researchers, inventors and product development, but also the commercial realities of bringing new inventions to market, including assignments and licensing.

  • Trade Marks

    Trade marks act as a “badge of origin” for a product or service. Trade marks can protect a brand, slogan or logo. Trade marks can be registered for both goods and services. Registered trade marks are more easily protected at law when infringements occur.
    The firm provides the full range of services relating to registered and unregistered trade marks. The trade mark team work with many well-known global brands and has experience of advising firms in all business sectors.

  • Registered Designs

    Registered designs protect the appearance of articles, rather than their function. The novelty of the design may be in the appearance of the article, or in the pattern applied to its surface.
    Copyright and unregistered design right also protect the appearance of articles, and again expert advice is needed to determine which form of protection is best relied on for any particular design.
    The firm has significant expertise in the area of filing, prosecution and early stage enforcement of registered designs. Acting for some large companies in design-sensitive areas, the firm has an experienced team focussing particularly on the filing of Community and UK registered design applications...? The firm’s clients have enjoyed recent successes relating to enforcement of their registered and unregistered design rights, avoiding the need for litigation whilst ensuring their rights are respected

  • Patent Box

    UK and European patents provide legal protection for products, but since 2013 they can also provide a reduction in corporation tax on worldwide profits from those products.

    In April 2013, the UK government introduced the ‘Patent Box’ scheme. It allows companies who pay UK corporation tax to reduce the rate paid from current rates in excess of 20% to 10% on profits derived from products and processes covered by a granted UK or European patent, or a patent granted by certain EEA countries. Although the scheme requires that a granted patent exists, profits earned in the six years before the patent was granted can be taken into account.

    The calculation of how much profit is taxed at 10% requires that a “relevant intellectual property profit” be determined and companies should ensure that their accountant, or finance department, is aware of the new scheme.

    The scheme was tightened in July 2016. However, it can still provide substantial tax savings for UK companies who carry out R&D in the UK.

Product news

  • Free Presentation from Beck Greener on 'Brexit – Opportunities and Challenges for Engineering IP'.

    Beck Geener are giving a free presentation on the subject of 'Brexit – Opportunities and Challenges for Engineering IP' on Thursday 3 November at 11.30-11.45am in Forum 4 - Performance Metals/Advanced Engineeringng. We look forward to seeing you at the presentation.

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