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Keysight Technologies UK Ltd

Keysight Technologies UK Ltd

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RG415TP Wokingham
United Kingdom

Keysight's singular focus on measurement helps scientists, researchers and engineers address their toughest challenges with precision and confidence. With the help of our products and services, they are better able to deliver the breakthroughs that make a measurable difference.


  • CX3324A Device Current Waveform Analyzer, 1 GSa/s, 14/16-bit, 4 Channel

    The CX3324A is a 4-channel model for engineers and researchers who need more than two channels for current waveform measurements at one time. Using a passive prove interface (CX1151A) with a current sensor (CX1101A, CX1102A, CX1103A) enables power measurements. The bandwidth and the memory depth per channel are option and can be selected from 50 MHz, 100 MHz and 200 MHz, and 16 Mpts, 64 Mpts and 256 Mpts, respectively. Upgrade products for both bandwidth and memory depth options are also available for customers who need more performance after purchasing the product. 8-channel digital channel (CX1152A) can be used with this 4-channel model so that you have more flexibility of triggering.

  • KEYSIGHT MXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator & MXA Signal Analyzer

    "Major benefits of applying wireless, RF, millimeter wave, and high speed digital technologies to automotive industry are, first they increase safety of passengers and pedestrians, second, they improvement with green energy cars and advanced traffic management which will reduce overall travel distance and time, and third enhance in-car convenience and entertainment features.
    Examples of automotive applications leveraging benefits of wireless, RF, millimeter wave and high speed digital are automotive radar, autonomous driving car, connected car and electronic vehicle.
    for higher safety of passengers and pedestrians, more in-car convenience and entertainment features, and future self-driving and green cars.

  • Keysight Technologies N6705B DC Power Analyzer

    Reducing electrical energy consumption in the complex system of modern vehicles has increasingly been a topic for discussion over the last couple of years. Most of the electronic functionality is not in constant use while the car is operational. Therefore it is obvious that either entire ECUs or some functionality within one ECU can be deactivated temporarily. All the sensors, some battery powered, located in the vehicle must ensure a low current consumption while providing accurate and punctual information. The measure of low and ultra-low current is challenging but crucial; Keysight offers as smart way to address that challenge by measuring while sourcing the devices under test.

  • KEYSIGHT. Dynamic DC Power Supply N7984A

    Overcome your power test challenges with the small, flexible and market-leading-fast Advanced Power System family
    The Advanced Power System (APS) family consists of 1 kW and 2 kW DC power supplies that deliver a new level in power supply performance and versatility enabled by Keysight`s exclusive VersaPower architecture. The APS family was designed to help you overcome your toughest power test challenges by delivering industry-leading specifications and innovative features in an integrated solution for advanced automated test equipment (ATE) power testing needs.

  • KEYSIGHT Infiniium S-Series Oscilloscope

    Infiniium S-Series Oscilloscopes , The new standard for superior measurements
    From 500 MHz to 8 GHz , See the truest representation of your signal with the industry’s best signal integrity: 10-bit ADC, low noise front end, superior time base, signal processing in hardware, and responsive deep memory
    Meet your measurement challenges with the industry’s most advanced platform; 240 GB removable SSD, powerful motherboard, fast data offload, and capacitive touch screen. Find a solution that meets your needs with software that has 50 automated measurements and support for 100 probes
    Increase of electronics in automotive environment leads to the need of more communication between all electronic devices thus testing and decoding of these busses becomes more important. This demo will present decoding of CAN, LIN and FlexRay using an oscilloscope as well as how today's broadband signals like WLAN or radar chirps can be generated for fast and efficient testing purposes as well as measured and further investigated using today's broadband AWGs and oscilloscopes.

  • KEYSIGHT IntegraVision Power Analyzer PA2203A

    The Keysight PA2203A IntegraVision power analyzer (4 Channels, 3-Phase) is an intuitive combination of accurate power measurements and touch-driven oscilloscope visualization. Within a single instrument, it delivers the dynamic views you need to see, measure and prove the performance of your design. Use the wiring configurator to quickly create and modify complex 3-phase connections (delta and wye configurations). Verify 3-phase connections and visualize phase relationships with the phasor diagram. Get your design and validation work done quickly, accurately and confidently with IntegraVision’s ability to address multiple test scenarios with the flexibility of wide-ranging, isolated inputs. Visualize transients, in-rush currents and state changes with a high-speed digitizer that captures voltage, current and power in real time. Analyze power losses in the time and frequency domains using full Nyquist rate-based computations.
    Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and all-electric vehicles (EVs)—also called electric drive vehicles collectively—use electricity either as their primary fuel or to improve the efficiency of conventional vehicle designs. the greatest user expectation is a battery that keeps a high level of autonomy by avoiding frequent recharging. Only accurate controls of the efficiency of the power converter allow to optimize the consumption of all electrical and electronic devices on board. Keysight offers a dedicated solution for Power Analysis on AC and DC systems with enhanced features for efficiency controls as well as EMC pre compliance testing for 1-phase and 3-phase systems.

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