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ActOn Finishing

ActOn Finishing

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CV49HN Coventry
United Kingdom

Established since 1965, we're the UK leading experts in designing and developing machinery and consumables for mass finishing applications.

We cater to a range of industries including Aerospace, Medical, General Engineering, Hospitality, Automotive and Additive Manufacturing.

Our products include:
• Vibratory Machines
• High Energy Machines
• Fully Automated Systems
• Waste Water Treatment
• Ceramic & Plastic Media
• Liquid compounds
• Powders & Pastes

Using our quality products, we can achieve a range of finishing applications which include deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, smoothening, radiusing, brightening, polishing, drying and corrosion protection. We also offer a complete range of subcontract services which consists of barrelling, precision polishing and inspection. The facility houses state of the art equipment. On top of that, we provide on-going support through an expert after-sales service, which helps to guide our customers through every step of their ActOn journey.

We are regularly audited by clients and independent certification bodies and have successfully demonstrated on going compliance with the following client and ISO quality and Environmental standards.

• ISO 9001
• AS 9100 Rev C
• ISO 14001
• Rolls Royce approved supplier for RPS 251, RPS 709, Precision polishing


  • Accessories for ActOn Finishing Machinery

    Each of our accessories is simple to operate, highly efficient and has been designed to complement ActOn’s vibratory and centrifugal high energy finishing machines.

    Key benefits:
    - British high-quality product
    - Durable products due to design, good quality materials and workmanship knowledge
    - Easy to operate
    - Low maintenance
    - Can be easily integrated with ActOn’s automated systems

  • Automated Finishing Systems

    Both the Vibratory and High Energy finishing equipment can be automised to reduce manual handling, and to ensure a consistent process. Our automated systems are operator friendly, reduce manual handling, ensure a consistent process and can be custom built to suit our customers' needs.

  • ActOn Waste Water Treatment Equipment

    The process of wet mass finishing generates a discharge of the processing liquid, which comprises of the metal fines, abrasives, compound and in some instances, oil due to the condition of the parts. ActOn suggests having a suitable treatment system in place as a responsible measure towards the environment and also to facilitate recycling in certain applications to reduce processing costs.

  • ActOn Wheel Polisher (AWP188)

    Designed to finish wheels with different sizes (up to 610mm), the AWP188 finishing machine is great for grinding, smoothing and polishing processes.

    Key benefits:
    - Both automotive wheels and motorbike wheels can be finished
    - Great for polishing worn automotive wheels and other components
    - Both forged and casted wheels can be processed
    - Reliable and repeatable finish each time

  • ActOn Centrifugal High Energy Range

    ActOn’s Centrifugal High Energy Finishing machines are possibly the most efficient of the finishing systems available in the industry. These machines generate a very high gravitational force and are designed to perfection and engineered to maximise output.

    In many cases, the results achieved via High Energy Finishing cannot be achieved in a standard vibratory process. Particularly applications that include achieving a high surface finish requirement, a mirror finish and the removal of heavy manufacturing defects. Parts that require hand finishing are excellent candidates for High Energy Finishing.

    One of the main advantages of High Energy Finishing is the reduced processing times for most applications, taking between 10 to 30 minutes. In comparison with vibratory finishing, HE finishing can be 10 times faster and produces superior finishes. It is one of the most efficient batch finishing methods.

  • ActOn TVB Series

    The aim of the TVB series was to design a compact, modern and versatile finishing machine to allow OEMs and subcontractors to minimise their investment whilst enjoying the extra benefits and features of a vibratory machine.

    Some of the key benefits and features include:
    - 40% faster processing times than current models in the market
    - 45% reduction in power consumption
    - Available in 3 phase or 1 phase
    - Undersize media separation

  • ActOn Centrifugal Drier

    ActOn centrifugal drier is best suited for drying large volumes of small components where the agro media cannot be used due to the risk of lodgment.

  • ActOn Vibratory Dryers

    Our unique, elliptical-shaped vibratory drying machines suit a variety of finishing needs. Simple to operate, these highly efficient
    machines are constructed with a component separation and discharge facility.

    The work chamber has an elliptical shape which gives an extra drying area, thus minimising the drying time. Both large and small batches of
    components can be processed in this machine either as a batch process or a continuous single lap process.

  • Finishing Consumables

    Over the years, we have been at the forefront of the industry, developing a range of specially formulated consumables approved by the manufacturing industry.Our finishing consumables range includes:
    - Ceramic media
    - Plastic media
    - Agro and pre-treated media
    - Wood media
    - Stainless steel media
    - Abrasive consumables for shot blasting and peening
    - Liquid compounds
    - Powders and pastes
    - Waste water treatment consumables

    Choosing the right consumables is crucial in achieving your desired finish, and we endeavor to help you, and all customers, select the media and compounds right for your products.

  • 3+3 Dual Machine

    Space Saving and Highly Efficient!

    The Orbital Dual finisher works both to deburr and dry the parts in one single unit. This is both an excellent and economical finishing option. By combining the two chambers using the pneumatic flap arrangement components can be transferred from the inner process chamber to the outer drying chamber, providing a quick and efficient process.

    Key Benefits:

    • Option to carry out both wet and dry process in one machine
    • Accessible process chamber
    • British high-quality product
    • Simple to operate and highly efficient
    • Durable machine
    • Low maintenance
    • Suited to small and medium volumes of parts
    • Can be automated if required
    • Can be used as a continuous or batch system
    • Space saving
    • Energy efficient

Product news

  • Fast and Reliable - ActOn Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine is Here

    We are proud to announce the launch of ActOn Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine, designed to be fast, reliable and easy to operate.

    The Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine is perfect for processing small and thin components as well as larger parts with a length of 150mm. These machines are recommended for processing small to medium batches of parts. One of the main advantages of Centrifugal Disc machines is the reduced processing times for most applications.

    How it works?

    The spinning motion of the Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine is given by the disc situated at the bottom of an open barrel. The rotating disc makes the media, compound and parts to move in a rolling motion, resulting in effective finishing process in the shortest time. To achieve the desired finishing results it is important to set up the machine RPM, the compound and water mix flow and to use the correct media.

    Key Benefits:

    - Efficient in operation.
    - Faster than vibratory finishing machines.
    - Operator friendly controls.
    - Low maintenance.
    - Manual/ auto functionality.
    - Good value for money as it implies a reduced capital investment.
    - DTB series for heavy duty applications such as steel ball burnishing.

    Finishing Applications:

    - Deburring
    - Degreasing and Oil Removal
    - Cleaning
    - Descaling
    - Radiusing
    - Smoothing
    - Polishing
    - ActoGrind

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