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ROBUSO Solingen Germany

ROBUSO Solingen Germany

Stand N116

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42624 Solingen

Exhibiting with their UK partners PRF Composites, Robuso is synonymous with 'competence in cutting'. Founded in 1919, Robuso has established itself as Europe's leading shears manufacturer and provides a comprehensive range of master-crafted hand and electrical shears specifically designed to provide the complete cutting solution for high performance technical textiles.


  • Mould-making shears for trimming

    These durable, sturdy shears are ideal for use with impregnated fabrics. The shears are entirely chrome-plated, allowing the entire tool to be cleaned to remove all traces of resin/adhesives and, thus, extend the life of your shears. Featuring one micro-serrated blade to control material slippage and precision blue-grinding for superior cutting efficiency. The handles are also precision eye-ground to improve comfort and handling.

    This particular model features bent-up blades and offset handles for trimming borders and edges, and keeping the hand away from the impregnated fabric.

  • CarbonCut Pneumatic Shears

    Featuring carbide-edged plane durable blades for exact and swift cutting, this pneumatic machine is ideal for use with carbon fibre fabrics, where electro-powered tools are not recommended.

  • Robuso Shear for dry fabrics

    Made from C60 forged and hardened carbon steel, this model features one micro-serrated blade to control material slippage; the blades are also precision blue-ground to provide a noticeably superior cutting performance. A new innovation, the handles are powder-coated to provide easy grip, comfort and high impact resistance.

    Ideal for cutting dry technical fabrics such as carbon and aramid.

  • Heavy-duty Electro-powered shears

    Designed to cut multi-layered fabrics and heavy-weight materials, these shears operate on the principle of conventional hand shears, in that the cutting effect is produced by the up-and-down movement of the upper blade, the edge of which is in constant contact with the edge of the fixed lower blade. The advantage, over rotary shears, is that there is no bare shaft for the threads to wind around and block the machine. The operator also has a clear view of the cutting zone.

    Blade combinations can be chosen to optimise cutting with a particular fabric/fabrics, layered up to 6mm or up to 15mm thick.

  • Robuso Proton® Shears, 10"

    These shears feature a special Proton® coating, which acts as a barrier against abrasive wear and fouling of the blades with impregnated materials. Made from C60 forged and hardened carbon steel which, with the Proton® coating, produces super-hard cutting edges (around 3400 HV). The special coating also means that the entire shear (including the handles) can be safely cleaned with solvent to remove resin and/or adhesive residues.

    Benefitting from one micro-serrated blade, these shears provide controlled non-slip cutting and the precision eye-grinding ensures a comfortable grip.

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