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Hydrotechnik UK Ltd

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd

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NG7 2NR Nottingham
United Kingdom

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading test and measurement equipment distributors and manufacturers, servicing a wide range of industries since 1990.

Hydrotechnik has a large product portfolio with a huge range of Minimess™ test points, test point adaptors, high pressure microbore hose assemblies, pressure gauges and Minimess test kits for analogue testing, charging, bleeding or sampling of almost any fluid or gas.

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd offer a large range of Measurement Sensors and Datalogging Equipment for Digital hydraulic testing & analysis. Our measurement sensor range includes Pressure, Flow, Temperature & RPM to name just a few, with MultiHandy or MultiSystem portable Dataloggers for accurate high speed measurement & performance analysis of Hydraulic or process systems.

Hydrotechnik equipment is chosen for it’s high quality, ease of use and flexibility and is the choice of industry professionals worldwide.


  • Hydraulic Test Bench for pressure testing cylinders

    Hydrotechnik UK Ltd specialise in designing, building and commissioning bespoke hydraulic and hydrostatic test rigs. We take our customers on a step-by-step journey from initial enquiry, production of a full brief, design & manufacture of the rig all the way through to commissioning and staff training after installation. Our technical team are there to ensure that the process runs smoothly.
    As an example, a rail and train servicing company based in the U.K commissioned Hydrotechnik to design, manufacture and commission two component test rigs that deliver pressure test solutions for pneumatic cylinders that require extensive testing after service and repair.

    The test rigs main features are:

    Operator led pressure testing up to 30 bar (290psi)
    Testing air bleed and drain cycle of the pump
    The software is written to give simple operator control of the test procedures with a simple pass (green) and fail (red) for the control, test bay and pumping system.
    Data is logged locally providing accurate traceability for further component testing
    The test rig will vent to drain when purging and bleeding the cylinder whilst testing

    When the cylinder is bled through the pump unit the system automatically pressurises the cylinder up to a set pressure requirement
    The rig is all stainless steel to ensure a long service life. Full reporting printouts are provided showing the date, serial number and all the test data, these reports can be customised by the customer.

    After installation Hydrotechnik UK Ltd carried out specific tests to ensure the system works to the required specification, testing the pneumatic cylinders with the test assembly and ensured that the hydrostatic test rig was fit for purpose and full ready to operate.
    Overall two pressure test rigs were provided which have become integral to the finished component testing. The rigs ensure that their engineers have the key data to research and develop the pneumatic cylinders to stringent standards required for installation into drive systems. The hydraulic test rigs also help to maintain quality and ensure faulty units do not make it back to production.
    Hydrotechnik UK have designed and built many hydraulic and hydrostatic test rigs which preform varied tasks. Component pressure proof or burst testing as well as flow rate capabilities have all been built and are in service throughout the UK. Our depth of knowledge regarding data logging and analysing of captured data ensure that detailed reports and archived results capture all the key parameters required.

    To speak to our friendly team please call 0115 9003550 or alternatively email: with your testing requirements.

  • Hydraulic suspension component test rig

    Hydrotechnik UK worked alongside a national military equipment manufacturer to design, commission and custom build a manually operated hydraulic test bed to evaluate components. After an initial discussion with our technical team it was decided that they required a test bed capable of testing a range of flow rates that can achieve different pressures with the ability to heat and cool to simulate testing under different conditions. The rig is capable of passing flow at any flow rate in both directions at the flick of a switch. Previously the manufacturer had to test their components in one direction and then disassemble the test piece and reverse it for flow testing in the flow direction.

    What is the main function of the test bed?
    The test rig’s main function is to test hydraulic components. Testing for pressure, flow and temperature is enabled via Hydrotechnik’s sensors and digital displays. The hydraulic test bed is capable of testing the flow rate up to a maximum of 100 litres per minute at 80 Bar and 50 litres per minute at 150 Bar. The rig is supplied with a three way directional control valve and custom built power pack for reliable and accurate control of rising and falling flows. The intuitive panel display alerts the user when certain testing criteria is met displaying either a green/red light. Furthermore, integrated into the panel is a filter blockage indicator and a tank level indicator, to ensure the test bed’s oil is maintained. The cooling and filtration solution is designed to minimise power consumption and expand the life of the test bed.
    Our design incorporates an innovative inverter controlled 15Kw motor with dual pump system, the main pump delivers flow and pressure to the test unit. The second pump provides flow to the offline filtration loop but when required it also passes through the bell housing cooler as detailed below. The Hydrotechnik sensors installed are calibrated to national standards.

    The test bed was designed using a 3D CAD system and manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards. Supplied with a 3-phase 415V power supply making the test rig powerful and compact. The rig is completely enclosed in a stainless steel frame and is bunded to catch any leakage. After installation & proof testing operator training was carried out, ensuring the customer is fully conversant with all its functions.

    The test bed is now and integral part of the company’s quality system control and ensures only components that have passed tests go in to production. Have a question about one of our test rigs? Head over to the FAQs page or alternatively take a look at our other test rig case studies or speak to one of our friendly technical engineers on 0115 900 3550 or email

  • High precision / test pressure transducers

    For the highest level of measurement precision, this range of pressure sensors provides an exceptional performance with room temperature accuracy available up to 0.1% FS according to IEC 61298-2 (0.05% BFSL combined non-linearity and repeatability).

    • HT-SHP series: Precision to 0.1% FS/0.05% BFSL, ranges from 10 mbar to 2000 barg FS

    Example applications:

    Test Stand/rig design
    R&D / laboratory
    Industrial Machinery
    Plant Engineering


  • Manual pressure test rig for a UK based manufacturer of pipework

    Hydrotechnik designed, built and commissioned an advanced R&D test rig for a UK based plumbing, heating & engineering product manufacturer, the company distribute these products worldwide.

    Regular and rigorous testing ensures that their products are developed to meet the demanding standards within hydraulic applications. The custom-built test rig is installed within a sophisticated workshop and is an integral part of their development testing.

    With an increasing demand for plumbing & heating products the Yorkshire based company are looking at innovative ways to pressure test their wide range of products. The test rig is a key part of the test regime enabling the operator the ability to pressure test a wide range of volumes and size within a safe area.

    The test rig main capabilities are:
    • Manual pressure build up with course, fine & super fine pressure adjustments
    • Real time accurate reading and logging of pressure
    • Complete logging and archiving of all results for future reference

    The manually operated test rig was designed to supply water pressure up to 500 Bar. Two pumps work to provide accurate testing, the hand pump with a dual output displacement is used to purge and bleed through the test piece. The second screw type pump has a very fine pressure increase allowing for more accurate pressure controls. Both pumps installed in the testing rig allow the engineers to test the equipment to extreme pressures ensuring that every product meets rigorous safety checks.

    With the vast amount of pressure testing needed for these products, a large volume of data will be analysed and archived for future tests. With full data logging capabilities the Hydrotechnik data logger can record and archive all data.

    Using Hydracom6 software the data can be presented and analysed to perform future repeatability tests to ensure that each product meets the exacting standards required.

    Don't just take our word for it here is what our customer said:
    "Hydrotechnik delivered a superior test rig with the pressure capability we needed for the launch of our new product"
    Pegler Yorkshire

    For further information about how our experienced team can provide you with a bespoke test rig for sophisticated pressure testing please call us now on 0115 9003550 or alternatively email us on

  • JCB Style pressure test kit

    Hydrotechnik UK have been supplying pressure testing equipment for hydraulic machinery for over 25 years. With our deep understanding of the market we have created pressure testing kits specifically for OEM test points and threads.

    These kits below have been put together for a particular style of test points and BSP pipe adaptors typically found on JCB & Caterpillar machinery.

    JCB style pressure test kit with HSP (5/8" BSF) test points found on most JCB machines with BSP pipe adaptors

    Caterpillar style pressure test kit with Flat Faced Quick Release test points found on most CAT machines, with a large range of JIC test point pipe adaptors. Also suitable for John Deere machines.

  • Universal Nitrogen gas charging & testing kit with pressure regulator

    The Universal/World Wide gas charging kit with pressure regulator is designed for gas charging a wide selection of accumulator types with Nitrogen or to check or reduce existing pre-charge pressure in accumulators. The kit has a vast quantity of adaptors for piston, bladder & diaphragm accumulators and comes with a high quality pressure regulator for setting charge pressures.

    Designed to connect to all common industrial accumulator types; bladder, diaphragm & piston type
    Accumulator charging valve adaptors or connections possible to Minimess 1620, Minimess 1615, Hydac style M28x1.5, 5/8” UNF female, 7/8” UNF female (long & short thread), 5/16" UNEF (VG8) female (long & short thread) and 1/4" BSP female
    250 bar Analogue gauges for Accumulator pressure and 400 bar Analogue gauge for gas bottle pressure.
    Adjustable valve for setting of charge pressure from 10 to 235 bar
    W24,32x1/14" female (European standard) nitrogen bottle connection with 5/8" BSP Male adaptor (for UK standard)
    Safe, robust & easy to use Minimess charging & testing connections

  • MultiSystem 5060plus 24 channel datalogging kits

    The MultiSystem 5060plus is the market leading hand held measuring & data logging device from Hydrotechnik. Using the latest technology, it is the benchmark for mobile hydraulic diagnostic measurement offering 24 channels of measurement.

    The unit has 8 direct channel inputs (6 analogue & 2 frequency), 14 CAN Bus or calculation channels and digital input & output channels. Transfer & analysis of saved test files are carried out with HYDROcom 6 software supplied with the 5060. With 2Gb of internal memory (via SD card), 0.1mS scanning rate (using 2 of the supplied high speed analogue channels), hi-res colour screen, graph, text, pictorial outputs, sleek design and much much more make it the must have instrument and choice for all hydraulic professionals.

    Complete Measuring Kits are available with Pressure, Temperature & Flow turbine sensor configurations but you can tailor your own kit to your needs. Visit out Sensor section for our complete range test sensors and create your own kit!

    Our kit accessories section carries other options such as special carry cases, cable lengths, chargers etc.

Product news

  • Hydrotechnik UK would like to say a big thank you for your testimonials

    Hydrotechnik UK Ltd have received great testimonials from the likes of JCB & Terex & Sandvik Construction. We are incredibly proud of our 5060+ data logger and its ability to capture key metrics such as the RPM & temperature of the hydraulic system, the flow of oil, torque and vibration as well as pressure testing. All of these tests enable service engineers to analyse the development of their machinery and diagnose any faults.

  • Find out what Hydrotechnik UK can do for you!

    With over 25 years experience Hydrotechnik UK Ltd has supplied specialist test and measurement equipment to a wide range of industries. From our Minimess range of test points to our custom made hydraulic and hydrostatic test rigs - designed, manufactured and commissioned. For the latest product news, special offers and expert advice connect with us on our social media channels.

  • Hydrotechnik expand gas charging test kit product range New catalogue details full range

    Hydrotechnik UK have expanded their range of gas charging and testing kits. 5 kits now make up the range from simple test and charging kits for under £200 through to the new World Wide Universal kit which caters for over 95% of the worlds accumulators. A new detailed catalogue showcases the entire range.

    There are typically two types of accumulator design, bladder and piston. In both cases compressed nitrogen gas is used as a damper or energy store. Typically bladder style accumulators are used in low pressure systems and piston type in higher pressure applications. There are many manufacturers of accumulators and many different charging and testing valve connections utilised.

    Ensuring that the pre-charge pressure is set correctly is the most important factor for both the correct functioning and ensuring accumulator life is not compromised. The care with which pre-charging is set and maintained is therefore an important factor. If the user tends to be careless about gas pressure and relief valve settings, or adjusts system pressures without making corresponding adjustments to pre-charge pressure, service life may be shortened and system performance compromised.

    Hydrotechnik UK have developed a range of kits that suits over 95% of the worlds accumulator types and valve connections. Specific kits for Minimess, Schrader or M28 x1.5 metric male ‘allen’ key accumulator valves are all catered for. One of the key aspects of Hydrotechnik’s kits are the range of pre-charge testing and charging devices available. The top of the range 5401 charging device allows Service Engineers to safely test and charge gas accumulators under full system pressure without the loss of gas or pressure.

    Hydrotechnik also supply Minimess Charging and testing points to swap out standard charging valves fitted to accumulators. The benefits of this are higher pressure capabilities along with much lower gas leakage rates than standard valves (especially compared to Schrader style connections) and easy screw on/off connections that are completely safe. If Minimess valves are used on accumulators a low cost, easy to use charging device kit is available for service and maintenance.

    All Hydrotechnik UK’s gas charging kits and valves are held in stock for immediate supply. Standard glycerine gauges or digital pressure gauges can also be included in the kits.

    For further application information please contact the technical sales team on: 0115 9003550, alternatively email:


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