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Accelonix Ltd

Accelonix Ltd

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Accelonix Ltd is pleased to offer a range of high-end, non-contact 3D surface measurement systems from Cyber Technologies GmbH.
Our non-contact 3D measurement systems are widely used in precision and surface engineering industries for a vast array of applications; including form, waviness, contour, roughness, step height measurement, and much more.
The systems offer manual and automated operation, with inbuilt reporting graphics and SPC.
Operating down to the sub-micron level, sensors include white light confocal, interferometer, 3D microscope technologies and offer 2 and 3D roughness to ISO 25178.
They offer the capability to measure transparent, wet, dry and soft materials and our technology couples flexibility and speed with accuracy.


  • Vantage 50

    The cyberSCAN VANTAGE 50 is a compact, non-contact profiling system for fast scanning of any part or surface. The system combines a laser sensor, a base unit with an integrated translation stage and a PC or a laptop for data analysis. The sensor scans over the sample and produces a high-resolution height profile. The confocal laser sensor can also produce a scan line with the width of 1.1 mm and a lateral resolution of 2 μm. In combination with the translation stage a highly accurate 3D raster can be recorded.
    The software offers sophisticated surface metrology analyses and automated measurement routines.

  • CT 100

    The CT 100 is a compact, high resolution non-contact profilometer. The main components of the system are a white light sensor and an x-, y-motion system on a granite platform. The chromatic white light sensors combine high accuracy and high measurement speed.
    The sensors are available with a resolution down to 3 nm and measurement range up to 12 mm. The system can scan a maximum area of 150 mm x 150 mm. The unique cyberTECHNOLOGIES Software offers sophisticated surface metrology analysis and automated measurement routines.

  • CT R200

    The CT R200 is a non-contact profilometer with a rotary stage, a 200 mm x-axis, and an automated z-axis. The round part is placed on the rotary stage, the x- and the z-axis move the sensor close to the surface of interest. The autofocus routine then positions the sensor in the optimal distance to the surface. The sample starts rotating and the system collects highly accurate profiles along the inner and outer diameter. Using the automated x- and z- axis, different diameters on the same part can be scanned. The confocal sensor can measure with a data rate of up to 20 kHz. A scan of a 100 mm diameter with a lateral resolution of 5 microns takes 7 seconds. The height resolution of the sensor is 10 nm at a measurement range of 300 microns. The sensor is mounted on the closed loop x-axis. In case the roundness of the part exceeds the range of the sensor, the x-axis adjusts the distance to the part automatically in real time during the scanning process. The height reading is a combination of the calibrated x-axis signal and the sensor height readout.

  • CT 300

    The CT 300 is a non-contact profilometer with a 315 mm x-, y-motion system. It can handle up 12” wafers or other large substrates and parts.
    Using a chromatic white light sensor and a data collection rate of up to 20 kHz the inspection time is minimized. The confocal microscope and 3D white light interferometer sensors offer unmatched resolution in z-direction down to 0.1 nm. With our multi-sensor technology several sensor heads can be mounted simultaneously including infrared interferometers for measuring wafer thickness.

  • CT 300 Line Scanning Profilometer

    The latest addition to the product range is the CT L300 with line scanner. The confocal technology of the sensor is based on the principal of chromatic aberration. Simultaneously, 192 minute light points are focused on the surface. At a data rate of 2kHz the sensor collects 384.000 data points per second.
    The sensor is available with four different objectives with a z-resolution form 20 nm to 320 nm. The measurement range in z-direction goes from 200 µm (smallest objective) to 3,9 mm (largest objective). The width of the line varies from 0,96 mm to 4,78 mm in correlation with a point distance from 5 µm to 25 µm.
    Interlacing scans allow the user to create a 3D raster of the sample with 1 µm lateral resolution.
    The x and y axes use fast and accurate magnetic line motors to move the sample beneath the sensor. With 318 mm travel in x- and y-direction the CT 300 provides a large measurement area.
    Due to the multi-sensor technology, several sensor heads can be combined with the line sensor to create a flexible, fast and universal measurement system.

  • CT 350S

    The CT 350S is a non-contact profilometer with a 350 mm x-, y-scanning stage and a closed loop 200 mm z-axis. All 3 axis use air bearings and magnetic linear motors. The system is based on a massive granite construction with a vibration isolated floor stand. The xy motion system offers exceptional performance with an error of less than 100 nm. During the scanning process the z-axis can follow the shape of the part. The height reading is a combination of the calibrated z encoder signal and the sensor height. This allows the system to achieve a very high resolution over the entire z-axis range of 200 mm.
    The CT 350S was originally designed and is ideal for measuring precision optics. However, contour measurements, step height, roughness and other 2D and 3D analyses are excellent examples of further applications. The sensors are available with a resolution down to 3 nm.

  • CT 600S

    The CT 600S is a non-contact profilometer with a 600 mm x-, y-motion system. The gantry design with air bearings is moving the sensor-camera assembly while the sample is fixed on the granite platform. This motion system allows to calibrate the system flatness independent of the sample weight. The CT 600S reaches a total accuracy of 0.3 microns over the entire travel of 600 mm.
    The CT 600S is ideal for measuring flatness on large samples, as well as step height, roughness and other 2D and 3D analysis. Circular and ellipsoidal scans minimize the inspection time on round parts.
    The sensors are mounted on an automated z-axis and are available with a resolution down to 3 nm and a measurement range up to 12 mm.

  • SCAN CT Software Suite

    SCAN CT is a software package for measuring and analysing 2D profiles and 3D raster maps. It offers complete 2D and 3D surface measurement parameters as well as sophisticated filter and compensation methods.
    •Complete 2D and 3D surface analysis
    •Profile and 3D Roughness measurements according to DIN ISO EN standards
    •Comprehensive profile and surface compensations
    •Advanced filter technologies
    •Uni- / bi-directional scanning
    •Linear, circular and ellipsoidal scanning
    •Simultaneous data collection of up to 5 sensors
    •Dedicated user management
    •Up to 200 Mio data points per raster
    •Fast multi-thread technology

  • ASCAN Automation Software

    ASCAN is a software package for creating automated 2D profile and 3D raster measurement routines. This allows the cyberTECHNOLOGIES VANTAGE and CT SERIES to be used in production. Measurement data are collected fast and without user interference for maximum repeatability.
    •Easy to use menu based software tool
    •No programming skills required
    •All analyses, compensations, and filters from SCAN CT
    •Automatic position correction using pattern recognition (fiducials and edge alignment)
    •Step and Repeat (with multilayer function)
    •Definition of tolerances (UCL, LCL, UWL, LWL)
    •Coloured warning indications (good, bad, warning)
    •Built-in SPC charts with report function (x bar / rank, position-specific)
    •Flexible data saving option (automatic, manual, with user interaction)
    •Stylesheets for user defined data output format
    •Integrated database for templates and SPC data
    •Web service for direct data transfer to CAQ system
    •2D and 3D edge detection algorithm
    •2D and 3D correlation algorithms
    •Easy programming using tasks and templates (no script language)
    •Virtual Tasks for user defined analysis and calculations
    •Table view for multiple results
    •User fields (accepts barcode, DMC, predefined list etc.)
    •Plug-Ins for customized software solutions

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