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Rigibore Ltd

Rigibore Ltd

Stand N20

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TR274QZ Hayle
United Kingdom

Rigibore produces special tooling, specifically boring bars, for the automotive, aerospace, marine, agricultural and heavy plant industries.
We pride ourselves on our dedicated support, knowledge, and decades of experience in this engineering sector.
Rigibore has been established as a global supplier of special boring bars for over 30 years. Our head office is in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Subsidiaries of Rigibore are in Wisconsin, USA and Bangalore, India.
The main focus of the company is innovation technology and quality in design and manufacture.


  • Smartbore

    Introducing Smartbore, the fast, easy to use micron-accurate 'manually operated' cutting-edge tool adjuster.

    Smartbore® system is designed to enable an operator to quickly and easily make manual, micron-accurate adjustments to the cutting edges of a fine boring tool while it is located in the machine spindle.

    Features & Benefits
    Cartridge adjustment down to 1 micron on diameter (0.6 mm range).
    Digital readout allows for easy and precise adjustments to tool.
    Relay of adjustment data occurs via low power radio link.
    Available in replaceable cartridge or built-in configurations.
    Easy to use by skilled or semi skilled operators.

  • Smartbore Nano

    Micron-accurate Boring Head
    Rigibore Smartbore Nano allows the use of Rigibore Smartbore technology on small hole boring operations. It is able to bore holes down to 0.5mm in diameter and offers precision adjustment of 0.001mm on small hole boring operations, with no unclamping or tool adjustment required.

    Smartbore Nano offers many advantages over other boring solutions, these include:
    0.5 - 16mm boring diameter
    Accurately adjustable to within 0.001mm on diameter
    Digital adjustment at machine with Smartbore adjuster
    Pre-loaded clamp-free adjustment system

  • ActiveEdge

    Auto-compensating boring system
    Rigibore’s ActiveEdge Tooling uses wireless technology to perform micron accurate adjustments without the need for an operator’s intervention. The ActiveEdge system allows operations to meet critical tolerances, significantly increasing productivity whilst having a minimal impact on cost.
    Automatic Compensation Capabilities

    ActiveEdge tooling can be integrated with a gauging or probing device, allowing CNC programs to monitor bore sizes and adjust accordingly as part of a closed loop manufacturing process.

    Initial Bore — A hole is bored using the ActiveEdge tool.
    Measurement — The bore is measured using a probing or gauging system, the measured diameter is then translated and saved in a variable in the CNC machine.
    Assessment — This measured diameter is assessed against a set of Statistical Process Control (SPC) macros that run on CNC machines, setting an upper and lower control limit on bore sizes.
    Compensation — If bore sizes are not within this user defined parameter, an automatic compensation request is sent directly to the ActiveEdge tool, which adjusts to ensure the next machined bore is returned to nominal size.

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