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Technifast’s manufacturing division is dedicated to producing small and complex turned parts for many industries including automotive, marine and aviation. Our specialist manufacturing team offers bespoke precision-engineered components for businesses at an international level. We regularly produce pins, engineers keys, inserts, spacers and dowels to customer specification or drawing.

Over the last three decades we have invested considerably in our machining capabilities and are very proud of our excellent reputation for meeting customer requirements on time and on budget, whether a high-volume run of parts or a low-volume order such as prototype manufacturing.

Most of our special pins and turned parts are manufactured using CNC machines to obtain high precision and excellent surface finish. We specialise in stainless steel, but also produce in other materials. Technifast is an ISO:9001 registered company. This underpins our reliability as we continually monitor and manage quality across all our operations.


  • Custom-Made Dowel Pins

    Technifast’s Manufacturing Division complements the wide range of standard dowel pins we stock, by offering a custom-made dowel pin service to customer specification or drawing.

    Our engineers understand that not all standard dowel pins are appropriate for demanding applications or specialist projects, and it can be difficult to source the exact dowel for your specific needs. With our machining capabilities we can create a bespoke dowel pin tailored to the purpose for which it is intended.

    We can operate within the following diameter and length ranges:

    · Diameter: 1.0 to 25.4mm

    · Length: 3.0 to 120.00mm

    · Diameter Tolerances: Generally from h6 to m6, but other diameters can be quoted

    We offer a fast-turnaround, competitive pricing, longer lengths up to 120mm (on diameters below 5mm) and specialise in through hardened steel, mild steel unhardened, CR6, stainless steel in 303 (A2), 304, 316 (A4) and high tensile 316 materials. Our machines are capable of producing dowels up to 25.4mm, giving the option to add features such as flats and Circlip grooves, or internal /external threads.

    We work closely with a team of specialists who can provide finishes such as passivation and plating, enabling us to offer a full solution for custom-made dowel pins.

  • Precision Engineered Inserts

    Technifast provide a varied range of inserts, which are frequently categorised by the method of insertion.

    Our portfolio includes self-tapping inserts, which are a universal type of insert with a high resistance to pull-out, making them ideal for use in plastics, wood and non-ferrous metals. We also provide ultrasonic or heat inserts, which are only for use in thermoplastic materials and are stocked in brass.

    Our expansion inserts are an ideal solution when a durable thread is required, but the high pull-out resistance of a self-tapping insert is not essential.

  • Precision Engineered Keys

    Technifast provide a varied range of keys including round ended and square ended parallel keys, woodruff keys and gib head keys which are available in metric and inch sizes.

    In addition to our standard key ranges, our manufacturing division can produce keys with special dimensions on tolerances, keys with chamfered edges, tapped holes or cut-outs. We manufacture special keys to a customer drawing and specification.

  • Precision Engineered Spacers & Connectors

    Technifast offer a standard range of spacers in both clearance and threaded form. Spacers are normally used to allow two parts of an assembly to be fastened together at a controlled distance from each other. We provide precision turned spacers in various materials, as well as moulded spacers in nylon.

    We also provide hexagonal studding connectors in thread sizes M5 to M36, threaded full length. We hold stock on the majority of the spacers, pillars and connectors we offer or can manufacture them to a customer drawing or specification.

  • Precision Engineered Dowels

    Technifast are able to supply solid dowel pins and extractable dowel pins in both metric and imperial sizes. In addition, we can manufacture dowels with special diameters, lengths or materials to meet your requirements. We currently have capacity to manufacture precision dowel pins to customer specifications and small diameter dowels are a speciality. We offer a fast-turnaround, competitive pricing, longer lengths up to 120mm and have experience across all industries

  • Precision Engineered Pins

    Technifast supply a large range of precision engineered pins for a variety of applications. The range includes coiled spring pins, cotter pins, R-clips, linch pins and taper pins. Each type of pin is supplied in a range of standards and materials, including steel, stainless steel (A2 / A4), mild steel and brass.

    We hold stock on the majority of the pins we offer. However, if you have a special requirement, we have the capabilities to manufacture pins to a customer drawing or specification.

Product news

  • Diving Into Self Cutting Threaded Inserts

    Technifast have expanded their specialist fastener portfolio with a range of self-cutting thread inserts, designed to provide a high-strength thread in plastics, wood and soft metals.


  • Classic British Motorcycle Components

    Technifast’s manufacturing division is dedicated to producing small and complex turned parts for many industries. RGM wanted a reliable manufacturer to join their supplier portfolio to create non-standard Norton parts such as dowels for gearbox timing covers, crankcases and junction blocks to help RGM’s fulfilment of Norton parts to customers at an international level.


  • Technifast Case Study - Elphine Replica Train

    Technifast’s manufacturing division have been closely involved with Elphine, to manufacture a range of complex multi-operational parts for an inspiring project to create 1/8th scale replicas of 1920s steam train the GWR 4575 class ‘Prairie’.


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